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Fiber Optic Testing: Crucial For Fiber Optic Network’s Growth

How Fiber Optic Network Testing Is Crucial


Fiber optics has become the core of any communication networks nowadays. It has now become the backbone for almost all mission critical verticals like datacenter links, telecommunication networks and longer distances for campus networks. But what keeps these fiber optic cables most reliable and trustworthy backbone for such mission critical infrastructures? The answer is testing. Regular and timely testing of fiber optic cables is the most essential aspect.

Technicians of this field depend on network components and their specifications to determine whether networks will work for the desired applications or not. It is therefore, most crucial to test the working as well as feasibility of fiber optic systems before and after their installation for a particular application.

It is important to understand that testing of fiber optic system before installation reduces the failure rate of the system, thereby reducing the overall repair cost. The FOTEs (fiber optic test equipment) are now used in many applications to provide a more accurate and precise measurement of the power losses, attenuation losses, and for proper inspection and detection of flaws.

Fiber testing equipments (FOTE) are being used to inspect, clean and ensure proper passage of light in the network, crucial for proper functioning of these networks for no failure reports.

GAOTek has been offering a wide range of fiber optic testers which are designed to inspect, clean, verify, certify, and troubleshoot fiber optic networks. These testers are now being used across various verticals such as defense, telecom and oil and gas.

Why a Surge in FOTE Market

According to Frost & Sullivan*, the global fiber optic test equipment (FOTE) market is estimated to experience an approximate 6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2015 to 2022.

The study shows that integrated/combinational FOTE is on the rise because it adds more value to the end user. These instruments are modular in nature and can be used for multiple test scenarios. Surge in higher bandwidth demand is also driving the market for fiber optic test equipment.

The study also mentioned some of the prominent drivers for fiber optic test equipment market such as increasing government investments in fiber optic networks, growing advancements of existing fiber optics networks and the advent of new communication standards.

Game Changer

With new technologies, the test equipment is also getting smarter and priced at a higher rate than the basic instruments. Vendors who are able to offer all kinds of bench-top and portable instruments will be able to balance their portfolio to address all applications of end users and serve customer needs accordingly.

Keeping abreast with this trend manufacturers like GAOTek, are offering its customers a wide selection of fiber optic cable testers and test equipment. GAO Tek’s high quality but affordable fiber optic cable testers and test equipments are designed to be rugged and portable for everyday field use and highly accurate to ensure the best result possible in the quickest time.