What does a Nitric Oxide Gas Detector?

A Nitric Oxide Gas Detector is used to monitor the rise in the level of nitric oxide gas.


Nitric oxide gas is commonly present in industries that utilize diesel as fuel. Exposure to nitric oxide gas can be harmful to the throat and eyes, making it imperative to protect employees from this toxic gas. Consequently, nitric oxide gas detectors are employed to protect us from the harmful effect of the nitric oxide gas. This detector is implemented in road tunnels, underground garages, bus garages, engine repair shops, shelters, loading bays that have diesel engines vehicles, and other places that use diesel fuel.

Factors Affecting Selection of Nitric Oxide Gas Detectors

There are various gas detection instruments for detecting nitric oxide in the market that may seem identical. Still, an examination of their functionality, specification and features discloses notable differences in the value the products provide and what they can do.

Know the site risks

Before choosing a Nitric Oxide Gas Detector, it is pertinent to conduct a risk assessment. Companies are obligated to conduct risk assessments if they plan on hiring employees to manage tasks that may be harmful. A gas detector should be put in place to reduce any potential risk once a gas hazard is spotted.

Identify the prime aim

Employing a nitric oxide gas detection equipment should suit the prime objective of the user.

Ask the right questions

After identifying the main objective, chose a suitable product by asking several essential questions. These questions are:

Where do the gases come from?

It is important to identify the likely source of nitric oxide gas release. Identifying the source can aid in determining the location and number of nitric oxide gas detectors that will be utilized.

What are the environmental conditions and risk exposures where the detection will take place?

Diverse environments create different levels of risk. For higher-risk situations concerning a remote worker, communication and real-time information may be needed, which is a benefit of wireless nitric oxide gas detection systems. Also, the accuracy, reliability, and performance of Nitric Oxide Gas Detectors will be affected by the environmental situations the device is subjected too. Therefore, these attributes should be considered before deciding on which gas detector to select.

How easy is it to operate the Nitric Oxide Gas Detector?

It is essential to know how reliable a Nitric Oxide Gas Detector is, so routine maintenance should be considered. The identification of an in-house resource for routine maintenance is crucial. In the absence of this, budgeting for third-party maintenance is an essential factor in choosing the correct nitric oxide gas detector.

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