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GAOTek offers an outstanding selection of testing and measurement instruments for mining engineering that include products such as underground water leak detectors, underground mineral detectors, and underground water detectors. Mining engineering is a discipline that involves the practice, the theory, the science, the technology, and application of extracting and processing minerals from a naturally occurring environment. We provide a selection of products that are designed to easily find and locate leaks in underground piping, detect various metal and non-metal ores, and perform other hydraulic applications.

Mining Engineering: A Detailed Description

Functions of Mining Test and Measurement Instruments

Our underground water leak detectors easily find and locate leaks in underground piping. Whether it’s a residential property, commercial, or industrial operation. Our underground leak detection systems rely on sound to locate leaks using a unique combination of methods essential in avoiding unnecessary excavation and property damage.

Our underground mineral detectors detect various metal and non-metal ores, underground water (including carst water), geological disaster survey and steep dip geological formation. These devices are widely used for high-resolution research, tomography, and monitoring applications.


GAO Tek offers a selection of reliable and affordable products with key features customized for mining engineering purposes. Some of the most important features are large meter display (with backlight) of sound loudness, allowing the user to pinpoint the exact leak location, high-sensitivity ground microphone and low "electronic noise" amplifier, and lightweight amplifier. Other features include large LCD screen, intuitive user interface, renowned target separation capability, and low operation cost.

Applications and Industries

Our test and measurement instruments for mining engineering are designed to meet a variety of applications that include high resolution engineering geological exploration like factory foundations, highways, bridges, railways, civil engineering, hydrology, engineering, environmental. Our devices are specially applied in coal bed areas and water-filling area detection. They are also used to search geothermal resources, oil-gas field census and exploration in high-resistance covering area (like carbonate rock, igneous rock and frozen soil covering area).


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