Environmental monitoring involves collecting and analyzing data to assess the state of the environment. It helps evaluate environmental quality, detect pollution, ensure compliance, and support management decisions. Monitoring includes measuring parameters like air and water quality, biodiversity, and climate variables. The data collected informs decision-making, planning, and resource management for ecosystem conservation and human well-being. 

GAO Tek’s Peristaltic Pumps have the following applications in environmental monitoring: 

  • Water Sampling: Our peristaltic pumps are commonly used for water sampling in environmental monitoring projects. They can pump water from different sources, such as rivers, lakes, and wells, without contamination. The pump’s tubing is easily replaceable, allowing for different sampling locations and preventing cross-contamination. 
  • Groundwater Monitoring: GAO’s peristaltic pumps are used to extract groundwater samples from monitoring wells for analysis of various parameters, including contaminants, pollutants, and water quality. The accurate and precise control of flow rates in peristaltic pumps ensures that representative samples are obtained without altering the sample composition. 
  • Soil Vapor Extraction: Our peristaltic pumps can be employed in soil vapor extraction systems used to remediate contaminated soil and groundwater. They facilitate the extraction of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from the subsurface by creating a vacuum that pulls the vapors to the surface for analysis and treatment. 
  • Air Sampling: Peristaltic pumps equipped with appropriate filters are used for air sampling in environmental monitoring. They can collect particulate matter, such as dust, pollen, and aerosols, as well as monitor air quality parameters like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and gases. The pump’s precise control allows for consistent sampling rates. 
  • Sediment Sampling: GAO’s peristaltic pumps can be used to extract sediment samples from water bodies for analysis. Sediments can provide valuable information about pollutant concentrations, sediment composition, and the overall environmental health of aquatic ecosystems. The non-contact pumping action of peristaltic pumps helps prevent sample contamination. 
  • Nutrient Monitoring: Our peristaltic pumps are employed in nutrient monitoring applications, such as measuring nutrient levels in rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. They can be used to pump water samples through nutrient analyzers or to mix reagents with water samples for nutrient analysis, helping monitor eutrophication and nutrient pollution. 
  • Remote Monitoring: GAO’s peristaltic pumps can be integrated into remote monitoring systems for continuous monitoring of environmental parameters. By periodically pumping samples into sensors or analyzers, these pumps enable real-time data collection for parameters like pH, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, and more. 

Complying with Government Regulations 

GAO Tek’s peristaltic pumps comply or help our customers comply with the U.S. government regulations such as: 

  • Clean Water Act (CWA): The CWA is a comprehensive federal law that regulates the discharge of pollutants into navigable waters of the United States. It establishes the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES), which requires permits for point source discharges. Peristaltic pumps used in water sampling or monitoring activities must comply with the regulations regarding water quality standards and pollutant discharge limitations. 
  • Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA): The SDWA sets the standards for drinking water quality in the United States. It requires regular monitoring of public water systems to ensure compliance with the established maximum contaminant levels (MCLs). Peristaltic pumps used in water sampling for drinking water analysis must meet the requirements outlined in the SDWA and its associated regulations. 
  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA): The RCRA regulates the management of hazardous waste from generation to disposal. It establishes requirements for the proper handling, storage, transportation, and disposal of hazardous waste. Peristaltic pumps used in environmental monitoring activities involving potentially hazardous substances must comply with the regulations to ensure the safe management of waste and prevent contamination. 
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Standards: OSHA sets standards to protect workers’ health and safety in the workplace. Depending on the specific application and setting, regulations related to hazard communication, personal protective equipment (PPE), and chemical exposure may apply to the use of peristaltic pumps in environmental monitoring activities. 
  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Monitoring Programs: The EPA implements various monitoring programs to assess and monitor environmental quality. These programs may include specific guidelines or protocols for monitoring parameters such as air quality, water quality, and soil contamination. Peristaltic pumps used in EPA-sponsored monitoring programs must adhere to the relevant guidelines and protocols. 

GAO Tek’s peristaltic pumps comply or help our clients comply with the Canadian regulations such as: 

  • Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA): CEPA is the primary federal legislation for the protection and conservation of the environment in Canada. It may include provisions related to environmental monitoring and the use of equipment like peristaltic pumps. 
  • Provincial and Territorial Environmental Regulations: Each province and territory in Canada has its own environmental regulations and guidelines. These regulations may specify requirements for environmental monitoring activities, including the use of appropriate equipment. 
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Regulations: Projects with potential environmental impacts may require an environmental impact assessment under federal or provincial regulations. These assessments may address monitoring requirements and techniques, including the use of suitable equipment like peristaltic pumps. 
  • Water Quality Regulations: Canada has federal and provincial regulations governing water quality. These regulations may specify water sampling and monitoring requirements, which may involve the use of peristaltic pumps for accurate and representative water sample collection. 
  • Occupational Health and Safety Regulations: Occupational health and safety regulations may apply to environmental monitoring activities, including the use of equipment. These regulations aim to ensure worker safety and may provide guidelines for the operation and maintenance of equipment like peristaltic pumps. 
  • Guidelines from Environmental Agencies: Government environmental agencies, such as Environment Canada and provincial ministries responsible for the environment, often publish guidelines and best practices for environmental monitoring. These guidelines may include recommendations for equipment selection, calibration, maintenance, and quality assurance. 













Case Studies of Peristaltic Pumps in Environmental Monitoring 

Here are some practical examples of using peristaltic pumps in environmental monitoring:  

YSI offers a range of environmental monitoring instruments, including peristaltic pumps, for water quality assessment. Their pumps are used in conjunction with their water quality monitoring systems to collect water samples from various sources, such as rivers, lakes, and wastewater treatment plants. These samples are then analyzed for parameters like pH, dissolved oxygen, turbidity, and nutrient levels. 

Teledyne ISCO provides environmental monitoring and sampling equipment, including peristaltic pumps, for applications in water, wastewater, and soil monitoring. Their pumps are utilized in systems designed for automatic sampling of water, sediment, and soil samples. These samples can be collected at predetermined intervals and transferred to analytical instruments for testing and analysis. 

Campbell Scientific offers a range of environmental monitoring solutions, including peristaltic pumps, for various applications. Their pumps are utilized in automated water sampling systems for collecting water samples from wells, streams, and other water bodies. These systems can be customized to meet specific project requirements and enable accurate and consistent sampling. 

Geotech Environmental Equipment provides equipment for groundwater monitoring and remediation, including peristaltic pumps. Their pumps are commonly used for low-flow sampling in monitoring wells to collect groundwater samples without introducing contamination. These samples are then analyzed for various parameters to assess water quality and identify potential contaminants. 

Aquaread offers multiparameter water quality monitoring instruments that incorporate peristaltic pumps. Their pumps are used to collect water samples for analysis of parameters such as pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, and turbidity. These instruments are designed for field use and provide real-time data for continuous monitoring of water bodies. 

The main page of the peristaltic pumps has more information on GAO’s peristaltic pumps and their applications in various industries: 

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Use of Peristaltic Pumps with Leading Software and Cloud Services in Environmental Monitoring 

GAO Tek has used or has facilitated its customers to use GAO’s peristaltic pumps with some of the leading software and cloud services in their applications. Examples of such leading software and cloud services include:  

  • LabVIEW: National Instruments’ LabVIEW is a widely used software platform for data acquisition, analysis, and control. It provides a flexible and customizable environment for integrating peristaltic pumps into environmental monitoring systems, allowing users to develop their own monitoring and control applications. 
  • SCADA Systems: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems are used to monitor and control industrial processes. SCADA software, such as Wonderware InTouch or Ignition by Inductive Automation, can be utilized to interface with peristaltic pumps and integrate them into environmental monitoring networks. 
  • Hach WIMS: Hach Water Information Management System (WIMS) is a software solution designed specifically for water and wastewater monitoring. It offers modules for data management, sample tracking, and reporting, and can be integrated with peristaltic pumps to automate sample collection and data logging. 
  • Aqua Chem: Aqua Chem by Schlumberger is a software package for water quality analysis and modeling. It provides tools for managing environmental data, analyzing water chemistry, and generating reports. Aqua Chem can be utilized in conjunction with peristaltic pumps to monitor and analyze water quality parameters. 
  • Aquaread AQLog: AQLog is a software program developed by Aquaread for data management and analysis of water quality monitoring. It is compatible with Aquaread’s range of multiparameter probes and can be used to interface with peristaltic pumps for automated sample collection and analysis. 
  • Eureka Water LIMS: Eureka Water LIMS is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) designed specifically for water and environmental testing laboratories. It offers features for sample tracking, quality control, and data management. When coupled with peristaltic pumps, Eureka Water LIMS enables seamless integration of sample collection and analysis processes. 
  • EScIS PLog: PLog by Environmental Scientifics Group (EScIS) is a software solution for field data collection, including environmental monitoring. It allows users to create customizable forms, collect data in the field, and synchronize it with a central database. PLog can be used with peristaltic pumps to record sample collection details and associated environmental parameters. 
  • Win Fluid: Win Fluid is a software program developed by Gilson for controlling and monitoring liquid handling instruments, including peristaltic pumps. It offers real-time control and monitoring capabilities, allowing users to automate and optimize fluid handling processes in environmental monitoring applications 
  • LabVIEW: LabVIEW is a popular software platform developed by National Instruments for data acquisition, instrument control, and analysis. It provides a graphical programming environment that allows users to develop custom monitoring and analysis solutions for peristaltic pump systems. 
  • MATLAB: MATLAB is a widely used numerical computing and programming software that provides a range of tools for data analysis and visualization. It offers various built-in functions and toolboxes for processing and analyzing data collected from peristaltic pump systems. 
  • R: R is a programming language and software environment designed specifically for statistical analysis and graphics. It provides a vast collection of packages and libraries that can be used to analyze and visualize data acquired through peristaltic pump systems. 
  • Python:Python is a versatile programming language that offers numerous libraries and modules for data analysis and visualization. Popular libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib can be used to process, manipulate, and visualize data collected from peristaltic pump systems. 
  • AQTESOLV: AQTESOLV is specialized software used for the analysis and interpretation of pumping test data, including data collected from peristaltic pumps. It provides various analytical models and tools for assessing groundwater flow and aquifer properties. 
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS offers various cloud services that can be utilized for peristaltic pump applications, such as Amazon EC2 for virtual servers, Amazon S3 for storage, Amazon Kinesis for real-time data streaming, and AWS IoT for device connectivity and management. 
  • Microsoft Azure: Azure provides a range of cloud services suitable for peristaltic pump applications, including Azure IoT Hub for device connectivity, Azure Functions for serverless computing, Azure Blob Storage for data storage, and Azure Stream Analytics for real-time data processing. 
  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP): GCP offers several cloud services that can be leveraged for peristaltic pump applications, such as Google Cloud IoT Core for device management, Google Cloud Functions for serverless computing, Google Cloud Storage for data storage, and Google Cloud Pub/Sub for real-time messaging. 
  • IBM Cloud: IBM Cloud provides services that can be utilized for peristaltic pump applications, such as IBM Watson IoT Platform for device management and data visualization, IBM Cloud Functions for serverless computing, IBM Cloud Object Storage for data storage, and IBM Event Streams for real-time data streaming. 
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI): OCI offers cloud services suitable for peristaltic pump applications, including Oracle IoT Cloud Service for device connectivity and management, Oracle Functions for serverless computing, Oracle Object Storage for data storage, and Oracle Streaming for real-time data processing. 
  • Alibaba Cloud: Alibaba Cloud offers services such as Max Compute, Function Compute, Data Works, and IoT Platform. These services support data analysis, real-time processing, and IoT integration for environmental monitoring involving Peristaltic Pumps. 
  • SAP Cloud Platform: SAP Cloud Platform offers services like SAP HANA, SAP Data Intelligence, and SAP IoT. These services provide capabilities for data processing, analytics, and IoT integration, enabling monitoring and analysis of Peristaltic Pumps in environmental applications. 
  • Salesforce IoT Cloud: Salesforce IoT Cloud allows you to capture, analyze, and respond to data from IoT devices, including Peristaltic Pumps. It provides features like real-time event processing, device data management, and analytics. 
  • GE Predix: GE Predix is a cloud platform specifically designed for industrial applications. It offers capabilities for data collection, analytics, and monitoring of industrial equipment, including Peristaltic Pumps, in the context of environmental monitoring. 
  • Siemens Mind Sphere: Siemens Mind Sphere is an open IoT operating system that provides services for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data from industrial equipment. It can be used for monitoring and analysis of Peristaltic Pumps in environmental monitoring applications. 


GAO Tek Has Many Customers in Environmental Monitoring 

GAO Tek’s peristaltic pumps have been used by many customers in Environmental Monitoring, including some leading companies. 

Here are some of the leading companies in Environmental Monitoring:

  • Thermo Fisher Scientific – Scientific equipment and services provider with a focus on environmental monitoring solutions. 
  • Teledyne Technologies – Diverse technology company offering environmental monitoring instruments and systems. 
  • Agilent Technologies – Provides analytical instruments for environmental monitoring and testing applications. 
  • Danaher Corporation – Multinational conglomerate with subsidiaries offering environmental monitoring solutions.  
  • Bruker Corporation – Manufacturer of scientific instruments used in environmental monitoring and analysis. 
  • 3M – Produces a range of products for environmental monitoring and pollution control. 
  • Waters Corporation – Develops analytical instruments and software for environmental testing and analysis. 
  • PerkinElmer – Offers solutions for environmental monitoring and laboratory testing. 
  • Honeywell – Provides environmental monitoring and control systems for industrial applications. 
  • Shimadzu Corporation – Manufacturer of analytical and environmental monitoring equipment. 
  • Mettler-Toledo International Inc. – Produces precision instruments used in environmental monitoring and testing. 
  • Environmental Sensors Inc. – Specializes in the design and manufacturing of environmental sensors and monitoring systems. 
  • YSI Incorporated Develops sensors and instruments for environmental monitoring, particularly water quality. 
  • Ecolab Inc. – Provides environmental services and solutions for water, hygiene, and energy technologies. 
  • OTT HydroMet – Supplies integrated environmental monitoring solutions, including weather and water monitoring instruments. 
  • Campbell Scientific, Inc. – Designs and manufactures environmental monitoring and data acquisition systems. 
  • ATI Environmental – Environmental consulting firm offering monitoring and testing services. 
  • Ramboll – Provides environmental consulting and engineering services, including monitoring solutions. 
  • EMAC – Offers environmental monitoring and assessment services, specializing in air quality. 
  • ALS Environmental – Provides laboratory testing and analytical services for environmental samples. 
  • Maxxam Analytics – Analytical laboratory services for environmental testing and monitoring. 
  • Eurofins – Offers environmental testing and analysis services in a wide range of industries.
  • Pinchin Ltd. – Provides environmental consulting and testing services for various sectors. 
  • Golder Associates – Offers environmental and geotechnical consulting services, including monitoring solutions. 

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Teledyne Technologies

Agilent Technologies 

Danaher Corporation

Bruker Corporation


Waters Corporation



Shimadzu Corporation Inc.

Mettler-Toledo International Inc.

Environmental Sensors

YSI Incorporated

Ecolab Inc.

OTT HydroMet 

Campbell Scientific, Inc.

ATI Environmental



ALS Environmental

Maxxam Analytics 


Pinchin Ltd.


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