Ammonia Nitrogen Analyzer w High Temperature Accuracy



Key Features

  • Cold light and monochromatic light as light source, optics stability is much better, and cannot be interfered by all kinds of light.
  • Use PID automatically control heating temperature, higher temperature accuracy.
  • Operating is very convenient.
  • Separate high temperature heating device from colorimetric part:, eliminate the influence of the high temperature.
  • High efficiency, can measure 20 COD water samples per time, and measuring 1 batch samples only cost about 20 minutes.
  • Can store 8 work curves(may set by user), and store 255 COD records and 100 ammonia nitrogen records with time label.
  • The datas stored are nonvolatile

Technical Specifications

measure range  5—2000mg/L, if over the range, dilution metering
accuracy error≦5%
repeatability ≦3%
anti-jamming Cl ≦1200mg/L
 wavelength  610nm
 heating time: 10 minutes
dimension 7.87*9.44*7.48in

200X240X190 mm

 owest detectable limit  0.01mg/L


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