Auto-Calibration Conductivity Meter (Salinity, Resistivity)

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Auto-Calibration feature enables technicians to measure salinity, conductivity and resistivity levels accurately.




GAO Tek’s multi-mode conductivity meter is a high-performance and well-constructed device that applies the microprocessor-based technology. The advanced device combines functions of the automatic temperature compensation, auto-calibration, and auto measuring range switch. It contains 3 types of measurement modes, including continuous measurement, timing measurement, and balance measurement which can meet different measuring requirements. With 3 modes, this device can accurately perform the measurement of the conductivity, resistivity, TDS, salinity, and temperature. The instrument supports two-point calibration and allows users to calibrate the sensor constant or TDS conversion coefficient. By having an RS-232 and a USB interface, the meter can transfer data to a PC. Moreover, the data can be displayed, viewed, printed, and deleted when needed. GAO Tek’s conductivity meter also provides a large LCD touch screen which is friendly and easy to use. The reliable instrument allows users to review current measuring date and the last calibration data.

Key Features

  • RS-232 and USB ports
  • Continuous measurement mode, timing measurement mode, and balance measurement mode
  • 5.7 inch (144.78 mm) LCD touch screen
  • Automatic temperature compensation, auto-calibration, auto measuring range switch function
  • Microprocessor-based technology

Technical Specifications

Package Size14.57 x 12.20 x 13.39 in (370 x 310 x 340mm)

Measuring range Conductivity: 0.055μS/cm~199.9mS/cm Resistivity: 5.00Ω.cm~18.25 MΩ.cm TDS:0.000 mg/L~100g/L Salinity: (0.00~8.00)% Temperature: 23 to 275°F (-5~135℃)
Resolution Conductivity: 0.001μS/cm、0.1mS/cm Resistivity: 0.1Ω.cm TDS:0.001 mg/L Salinity: 0.01% Temperature: 32.18°F(0.1℃)
Accuracy Conductivity: ±0.5%FS Resistivity: ±0.5%FS TDS:±0.5%FS Salinity: ±0.1% Temperature: ±32.54°F (±0.3℃±1 bit)
Temperature compensation range Manual/Automatic 23 to 275°F(-5~135℃)
Dimension 9.84 x 7.68 x 3.94 in(250×195×100 mm)
Weight 4.41 lbs (2kg)
Gross Weight 8.82 lbs (4kg)