GAO-GFL-101 Portable DC Ground Fault Detector


DC power system grounding is an abnormal occurrence which may lead to system damage.

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DC power system grounding is an abnormal occurrence which may lead to system damage. If the DC system is grounding when the positive electrode anode system is grounding, the power system protection relay device may falsely trip or switch off the DC power supply. When the negative electrode of the DC system is grounding, the DC system may short circuit and the switch closing function may not trigger which will cause a protection relay failure. This in turn may cause a relay or fuse to burn out and possible other failures.

This portable DC ground fault locator uses advanced computation methods and fuzzy logic to rapidly and accurately display the insulation level of a tested circuit branch providing an insulation index and waveform. It is specially designed for use in power generation, distribution, and industrial applications where lines have high capacitive reactance, electromagnetic, and electrostatic fields.


  • Sampling Clamp Meter with High‐precision

  • Displaying Direction of Grounding Point

  • The Function of Displaying Insulation Index

  • The Function of Wave form Displaying

  • Simple Operation, Convenient and Rapid Usage

  • Safe and Reliable Operation

Range of Detectable Grounding Resistance

220V: 0 ‐500KΩ

110V: 0 ‐250KΩ

48V: 0 ‐50KΩ

24V: 0 ‐10KΩ

Detected Signal Power

≤ 0.2W (the output power of signal generator)

Resistance to Distributed Current to Ground

Ground capacitance of single circuit≤8uF, Total ground capacitance of system≤100uF;

Applicable DC System Voltage

±10, 110V±10%, 48V±10%, 24V±10% or other voltages specified by users;

Operation Temperature


Relative Humidity



460x240x120 (mm)



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