GAO Tek 134 kHz. Glass Tag HiTag-S Passive



Technical Specifications

Type Contactless – Read/Write, Read Only
Operating Frequency 134.2 KHz. (LF-Low Frequency)
Capacity 256 bits R/W
Data Coding Type Manchester, PSK, FSK, Biphase, NRZ
Common Usage Animal identification, small parts identification, medical parts
Standard Deployment Injected into animal via syringe
Tested Read Range 2 – 3 cm (1 – 1.5 in.) when injected
Multi-Detection Yes
Max read quantity determined by mode tags/sec
Size Diameter: 2.12 mm, Length – 12.0 mm
Material BIO Glass 8625
Color Transparent
Weight 95 mg
Regulatory Specifications AMA 1234, EU3456
Compliance ISO 11784 ISO 11785, EM4102, EPC,
Operating Specifications Waterproof
Resistance to immersion in salt water, alcohol, oil, 10%HCL
Ammonia (t = 100 hours)
Shock- 200 g, 2 axes (IEC 68-2-27)
Vibration – 10 G, 10 Hz-2000 Hz, 2 axes (IEC 68-2-6)
Temperature:storage at Storge at -40 °C to 90 °C, Operating at 0 °C to 50 °C


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