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GAOTek 24 Rings Metal Cable Manager Panel Network




GAOTek 24 Rings Metal Cable Manager Panel Network provides an engineered solution for managing high-density cabling applications on open rack systems, delivering increased performance to match the demands of data center applications. This modular capability of the unit allows user to customize the panel configurations to suit a variety of applications. The unit has an added rigidity to maintain shape and stronger ability to handle the weight of the cables. The low cost blank inserts are available to utilize the unused ports and can be replaced with active couplers whenever required. These cable managers can be used on the sides of racks to manage premise cables, patch cords and jumper cords. It is also well-suited for advanced Power over Ethernet (PoE) applications where higher wattages require adequately-spaced, smaller cable bundles to avoid excessive heat accumulation. It’s superior form and functions provide quick, easy moves, add, and changes through intuitive design and tool-less adjustability.


  • Supports standard EIA 19” rack and cabinet mounting.
  • This unit is easy to install and maintain, minimizing customer’s investments.
  • It is an essential element that improves the look of a closet or workstation.
  • Supports easy adds, moves or changes which is crucial to maintain cable integrity by ensuring resisted steel and ABS.
  • Manages Crosstalk and EMI (electromagnetic interference) effectively.
  • Supports metal with cable support bar.
  • It is 100% QC and Fluke test pass.
  • Customizable designs are accepted.
  • Supports high density communications.
  • It supports easy and fast terminations.
  • Supports colour block anodized and custom-made cable management.

Technical Specifications

Standard Compliance CE/ROHS/REACH/ISO 9001
Type 24 rings metal cable manager panel network
Application Telecom Communications
Rings 24
Material CFS
Colour Black
Size 19 inches (482.6mm)
Installation Ways Mounts Horizontally on standard 19” Rack/ Cabinet 

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