GAOTek Accurate POCT Dry Blood Gas Analyzer

This accurate POCT dry blood gas analyzer has a testing time of 5 mins, 12 calculated of parameters, and a rapid analysis of blood.




  • 34 indicators of blood gases, electrolytes and metabolites
  • Dry electrochemical method & maintenance-free & quick results
  • Easy to use
  • Sophisticated quality control


Technical Specifications

Measured indicators K+, Na+, Cl-, iCa2+, pH, pCO2, pO2, Glu, Lac, Hect
Calculated indicators HCO3 -, TCO2, BE-ecf, SO2, Gap, Gap-K+, pO2(T), pCO2(T), pH(T), BE(b), pO2(A to a), pO2(a or A)
Test time 5 mins
Power Source Electric
Screen LCD Touch Screen
Material Acrylic
Display 8 in (203.2 mm)


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