GAOTek Adjustable Power Source

This Adjustable Power Source has an output current of 160 A, power of 12 KW, and size of 26.8 in x 18. 9 in x 13.8 in (680 mm x 480 mm x 350 mm).



Technical Specifications

Output current 160 A
Power 12 KW
Output voltage 75 VDC
Input Voltage Range 380V AC±15% 50 hz /60 hz
DC Output Voltage 0 V DC to 75 V DC
Output Current 0 A to 160 A
Output characteristic Constant Voltage And Constant Current Switchable
Output power 12000 W
Work Efficiency >90%
Power factor >93%
Adjustment accuracy <0.1%
Protection mode Lack phase, Over-Heating, Over-Voltage, Over-Current, Short-Circuit
Output display Touch Screen Display Digital, Text Display
Control Interface Output Voltage, Current
Cooling fan Air Cooling
Ambient temperature -10 to +40 degree
Insulation strength Input-output; Input-chassis; AC200V, 10mA, 1min
Insulation resistance Input-output; Input-chassis; Output-chassis: > 20m
Insulation grade B
Protect Level IP20
Size 26.8 in x 18. 9 in x 13.8 in (680 mm x 480 mm x 350 mm)


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