GAOTek Anemometer with Measure Flow Speed (Chill Temperature)

This Digital Anemometer with Measure Flow Speed (Chill Temperature) is designed to measure the air speed at the air outlet in the range of 0.4 m/s ~ 30 m/s.




GAOTek Digital Anemometer with Measure Flow Speed (Chill Temperature) is designed to measure the air speed at the air outlet in the range of 0.4 m/s~ 30 m/s. It also measures temperature, volume flow, and chill temperature. Air velocity displays in Knots, mph, km/h, m/s, ft/min, and Bft. Data hold for easy reading, overflow and low battery indication, and auto power off (about 10 minutes) are some of the important functions of the device.

Key Features

  • Built-in Ø 65 mm vane
  • Auto Off function
  • Display light
  • Max values
  • Hold button to freeze readings
  • Temperature displays in °C/°F
  • Low battery indication

Technical Specifications

Parameters Knots, mph, km/h, m/s, ft/min, Bft
Measuring Range
Air Speed 0.4 m/s~ 30 m/s
Temperature 14 º F ~ 122 º F (-10 º C ~ 50 º C)
Volume Flow CFM: 0 ft3/min ~ 999 ft3/min, 990 ft3/min;

CMM: 0 m3/min ~ 999 m3/min, 990 m3/min

Power Supply 1x 9.0 V, 6F22 batteries
Accuracy ± (3% reading + 0.1 m/s); ± 33.8 º F, ± 1º C
Resolution 0.1 m/s, 0.1 º F or 0.1 º C
Size 6.29 in x 2.91 in x 1.37 in (160 mm x 74 mm x 35 mm)
Weight 0.74 lbs (340 g) (batteries included)
Storage Temperature 14 º F ~ 140 º F (-10 º C ~ 60 º C)
Operating Temperature 32 º F ~ 122 º F (0 º C ~ 50 º C)

Additional Information




b.Protective cover



e.Battery compartment


a.Air velocity

b.Temperature units


d.Air velocity units

e.Air volume units

f.MAX/MIN value

i.Hold the current reading

j.Battery indicator


  1. []: Switch on or off
  2. Switch on:Put in the battery,press the button,it displays fully,and quickly be ready for measurement.
  3. Switch off:Automatically goes off after 10minutes without anyoperation or by pressing the button “”.
  4. :Switch on or off the backlight
  5. Press the button to switch the backlight on or off,it goes off automatically after 10s inaction(use it the less, the more battery power saved)
  6. [UNITS]:Choose Air velocity UNITS
  7. Press the button to choose the intended unit,the available units including m/s,ft/min,km/h, mph, knots.The current unit will be reserved to next measurement after the device is switched off.
  8. [Max/Min/▲]: Display the Max and Min value.
  9. Press this button once,Max value will be displayed,press it twice, it displays the Min value,press it again,goes back to the measuring mode.This button is also used to set up the areaof air outlet under the mode of Flow.
  10. [°C/°F/↵]: Display the temperature and wind chill
  11. Press this button to choose the intended temperature unit.Under the FLOW mode, press the button to confirm the setting.
  12. [HOLD/SET]: Hold the current reading.
  13. Press this button to freeze the current reading on the screen,press again,back to the measuring mode.Press this button for 5s,enter air flow measuring mode.

Operation Guide

Air Velocity Measurement

Switch the device on with  button. Choose the axle of the intended air velocity unit with [UNITS]. Make sure the impeller parallels the wind direction.

Temperature Measurement

Switch the device on with [] button. Choose the intended temperature unit with [°C/°F]

Air Flow Measurement

Switch the device on with [] button. Press [HOLD/SET] for 5s, after [] appears on the screen, it enters air volume measuring mode and be ready for set up the air outlet area, the default unit for air flow is CMM, press the button again, the unit is switched into CFM, press it the third time, exits the FLOW mode. The MAX available for the area value is 1999, adjust the value by [MAX/MIN], and confirm the setting with [°C/°F/↵].

After confirmation of the setting for the air outlet area, it displays the current air volume. If the value exceeds 999.9×100 will be activated, to compensate the display. Refer to the following illustration for the relevant set.

Battery Replacement

To maintain the measurement accuracy, please replace the battery when the low battery indicator  is displayed on the screen.

How to replace battery

  • Take off the protective cover carefully.
  • Unscrew the battery cover on the back of the device.
  • Replace it with new 9V. 6F22 battery, keep the positive and negative poles at the right places.
  • Put back the battery cover, and the protective cover.

If the device won’t be used for a long time, please take the battery out, in case the leakage causes damage to the device. Take the used batteries to the collection point.

Send the unusable devices back to the manufacturer or dispose of it in environmentally friendly way.


  • Clean the surface of the device with a wet cloth or household cleaner.
  • Do not use any corrosive liquid on the device.


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