GAOTek ANL-20 Digital Torque Meter Gauge Tester Electric

This ANL-20 Digital Torque Meter Gauge Tester Electric Screwdriver 20 Nm Capacity with ≥ 300 times Battery life± 0.5 % Precision. 




  • The ANL digital torque meter is specially designed for measuring all kinds of torque 
  • It is suitable for all kinds of torque measurement and adjust components reverse destructive test and so on 
  • This product Mainly used in measuring all kinds of electric and air torque, bottle opener, screwdriver, torque wrench, tighten torque instrument and product, widely applies in the electrical manufacture, the machine manufacture, the automobile light industry and the specialized scientific research and industry 


Technical Specification

Charging Time  4 to 6 Hrs 
Power   8.4 V 1.2 V 7 Ni-MH Battery group 
Peak Value Sampling Frequency  2000 Hz 
Precision  ± 0.5 % 
Power adapter   Input: AC 110 to 220 V 50 HZ Output: DC 10 V 300 mA 
Net Weight  8.81 lb (4 kg) 
Size  9.05 in x 3.74 in x 7.08 in (230 mm × 95 mm ×180 mm) 


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