GAOTek Cable Fault Locator

GAOTek cable fault locator is used to test all kinds of power cable faults, to find the cable path and buried depth.




GAOTekcable fault locator is used to test all kinds of power cable faults, to find the cable path and buried depth, to maintain and manage the cable files, and to detect the faults of railway and airport signal control cables and streetlamp cables. It adopts industrial control embedded computer platform system, network service business, and USB communication technology systematization, greatly improves the function and utilization value of the instrument and is more convenient for field operation.



  • It can test a variety of failures of power
  • cable with different voltage levels
  • different sections, different media
  • A variety of materials, including
  • Short circuit fault, open circuit fault
  • Low resistance, high leakage
  • High-impedance arc fault
  • It can test all kinds of faults in railway
  • Communication control cable
  • Streetlamp cable
  • Airport signal cable
  • It can measure the speed of electric
  • Wave propagation in any cable of known length
  • It can test the direction of cables and buried depth


Technical Specifications

Display 12.1 in (30.7 cm) industrial-grade LCD screen (XP operating platform)
Storage fixed and mobile mode of 4 g or 2 g
Operation Touch mouse
Testing Distance more than 24.5 mi (40 km)
Shortest Test Distance (Blind Area) 16.4 ft to 32.8 ft (5 m to 10 m)
The Error of Fixed Fault Point ±7.87 in (±0.2 m)
Measuring Error ≤±0.1%
Resolution V or 164.04 ft (50 m); “V” means the propagation speed of waves m or μs; the cursor of software is 6 in (0.15 m)
Sampling Frequency 6.25 MHz, 10 MHz, 25 MHz, 50 MHz, 100 MHz, (automatically adapt to pulse width)
Power Supply AC 220 V±10%, less than 15 W; DC 12V (7 AH), less than 20 W
Standby Time about 4 hrs of continuous use
Management Cable laying route distribution diagram
Signal Frequency 15 kHz sine wave
Output Power max ≥100 W
Output Impedance Zo = Zc (cable characteristic impedance ratio)
Shock Mode intermittent
Operating Environment Temperature: 14 °F to 104 °F (-10 °C to 40 °C)
Relative humidity: RH ≤85%77 °F(25 °C)
Weight Of The Host 21.60 lb (9.8 kg)
Dimensions 7.0 in x 11.8 in x 15.7 in (180 mm x 300 mm x 400 mm)


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