GAOTek CDR OTU Muxponder

GAOTEK CDR OTU muxponder board is a service access module for optical fiber links.

GAOTek -MUP-121



GAOTEK CDR OTU muxponder board is a service access module for optical fiber links. It can regenerate 3 R signals services with arbitrary rate protocols and can be converted into CWDM or DWDM standard wavelength optical signal. It can be used in optical communication systems such as PDH or SDH or POS or SONET or SAN or ETHERNET with CWDM or DWDM multiplexer or demultiplexer to realize wavelength division multiplexing transmission. It provides a high-quality solution for solving transmission lines with insufficient fiber resources and high fiber line loss.



  • Supporting CWDM or DWDM transmission, wavelength conversion
  • Supporting a variety of transmission distances
  • SFP+ board supporting 4 channels bidirectional or 8 channels
  • SFP+ board unidirectional
  • Supporting client single mode or multimode
  • XFP board Supporting 2 channels bidirectional or 4 channels
  • 100 G board supporting multiple client
  • Supporting SNMP-based unified network management platform
  • Supporting CDR function, which can optimize output


Technical Specifications

Maximum capacity 1 x 100 G bidirectional
2 x 100 G bidirectional
1 x 100 G unidirectional
4 x 100 G unidirectional
Wavelength range CWDM: 1271 nm to 1611 nm. DWDM: C-Band (100 GHZ or 50 GHZ).
3 R technology Re-amplifying, Retiming, Re-shaping
Network management mode CLI, Net River, WEB.
Relative humidity 5% to 95% no condensation
Safety and EMC Compliance with FCC, UL, CE, TUV, CSA standards.
Power consumption <13 W <24 W
Working temperature 14 °F to -94 °F (-10 °C to -70 °C)
Storage temperature -40 °F to 185 °F (-40 ℃ to 85 ℃)
Product dimension 6.97 in x 0.79 in x 8.85 in (177 mm x 20 mm x 225 mm) (W x H x D)


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