GAOTek Chemical Melting Point Tester

This Chemical Melting Point Tester has an operational environment temperature ranging from 64.4 °F to 82.4 °F and consumes 20W of power.




  • High-precision temperature sensor measures the temperature and it can correct non-linear errors automatically.
  • Full-automatic frequency converting control technology has high-temperature control precision and small linear error of heating rate.
  • Automatic magnetic stirring system, oil bath temperature is uniform.
  • Automation: automatic measurement, automatic diagnosis and automatic alarm.
  • Equipped with new type front paper change thermosensitive miniprinter which is convenient for recording and saving experimental data.


Technical Specification

Melting point test range from room temperature to 518.0 °F (270 ºC)
Heating rate 32.9 °F /min (0.5 ºC), 33.8 °F /min (1 ºC /min), 34.7 °F /min (1.5 ºC /min), 37.4 °F /min (3.0 ºC / min)
Deviation of linear heating rate <5%
Temperature transfer medium methyl silicone oil
Liquid cup for temperature transfer 250 mL beaker in tall form
Melting point test precision less than 392 °F ( 200 ºC) not more than 32.9 °F (± 0.5 ºC)

more than 392 °F (200 ºC) not more than 33.8 °F (± 1.0 ºC)

Indicating value resolution 32.18 °F (0.1 ºC)
Operational environment temperature 64.4 °F to 82.4 °F (18 ºC to 28 ºC)
Interface Standard serial printing interface with its own micro-printer
Power supply AC 220 V ±10%
Frequency 50 Hz
Power 200 W
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 7.87 in x 12.60 in x 11.90 in (200 mm x 320 mm x 305 mm)


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