GAOTek DC System Ground-Fault Locator

This DC System Ground-Fault Locator has 2.5 Hz of output signal frequency, AC 220 V of power supply voltage and input insurance of 200 mA.



Technical Specifications

Output signal frequency 2.5 Hz
Signal no-load output voltage ±20 V ±5%
Signal voltage amplitude error <5%
Signal short circuit output current ≤80 mA
Impact resistance of output port 400 V dc impact
Power supply voltage AC 220 V ±10%
Voltage frequency 50 Hz ±5%
Input insurance 200 mA
Maximum power 3 W
Signal current detection sensitivity 0.5 mA
Signal generator impedance 40 KΩ
Maximum output current 2.5 mA
Receiver displays Digits 0 to 19
Aclamp size Φ 1.96 in (50 mm)
Bclamp size Φ 0.27 in x 0.35 in (7 mm × 9mm)
Detection maximum ground resistance 300 kΩ
Ground resistance measurement accuracy 0 kΩ to 4.5 kΩ,error ≤0.5 kΩ
4.5 kΩ to 300 kΩ,error ≤10%
Weight (mainframe) 8.73 lb (3.96 kg)
Weight 6.17 lb (2.8 kg)


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