GAOTek DGT FD800 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector




  • Automated display of precise flaw location (Depth d, level p, distance s, amplitude, sz dB).
  • Automated switch for three staff gauges (Depth d, level p, distance s).
  • Automated calibration of transducer Zero to point, Angles, Front edge, and material Velocity.
  • Convenient to create and utilize DAC\TCG and AVG for echo evaluation, with adjustable curve modification and compensation.
  • 6dB DAC functions included.
  • 100 independent setups for flexible input of criteria, enabling on-site work without test blocks.
  • Large memory capacity for storing 1000 A graphs.
  • Automated gain and gain scan functionality.
  • Peak Hold and Peak Memory features.
  • B scan capability.
  • AWS D1.1 complaint.
  • Automated video recording of test processes and playback using USB drives, with unlimited video length.
  • Powerful PC software for detailed analysis and report generation, exportable to Excel.
  • Long lasting Li battery, providing up to 10 hours of continuous operation.
  • Embedded software with online update capability.


Technical Specifications

Title Parameter Title Parameter
Measuring Range(mm) 0 in x 393.70 in (0 mm x 10000 mm) Measurement Mode Single, Dual, Thru
Vertical Linearity Error ≤3% Reject 0 to 80%
Horizontal Linearity Error ≤0.1% Pulse Displacement(μs)  -20 to +3400
Sensitivity margin ≥62dB Zero (μs) 0.0 to 99.99
Dynamic scope ≥34dB Port type BNC
Resolution ≥36dB Operating temperature -4°F to 122°F (-20 ºC to 50 ºC)
Frequency range (MHz) 0.5 to 20 H×W×D(mm) 9.45 in x 6.14 in x 1.97 in (240 mm × 156 mm × 50 mm)
Gain(dB) 0 to 120 Weight(kg) 2.20462 lb (1.0 kg) (with battery)
Velocity 1000 to 15000 —- —-


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