GAOTek Digital Metal Leeb Hardness Tester

This Digital Metal Leeb Hardness Tester has temperature range of 14 °F to 122 °F (-10 ℃ to 50 ℃) ,USB port, dual AA batteries with IP50 protection.




  • Easy to plug and unplug
  • The socket meets IP 50 protection level
  • Anti-rust, anti-corrosion
  • shock and vibration resistance


Technical Specifications

Measuring Method  Leeb Hardness Method
Hardness Scale  HL, HB, HRB, HRC, HV, HS. σb.
Impact Device  D type impact device standard, optional C / G / DC / DL / D + 15
Accuracy  <±6 HLD (HLD = 800), Repeatability <6 HLD (HLD = 800)
Measuring Direction  Vertically Downwards, Downward sloping, Horizontal, upwardly sloping, vertically
Material  Steel & Cast Steel, Stainless Steel, GC IRON, NC IRON, Cast Aluminum alloy, Macht metal, Copper-tin alloy, Brass
Resolution  1 HL, 1 HV, 1 HB, 0.1 HRB, 0.1 HRC, 0.1 HS
Display  High Contrast Segment Liquid Crystal Display (LED Backlight)
Data Memory  100 groups (each group include 1 to 7 hardness values and 1 mean value)
Communication  USB port (standard) and Blue Tooth (optional)
Printer  Thermal Printer with Blue Tooth (optional)
Power  2 AA batteries
Standard  GB / T 17394-1998, ASTM A956
Temperature  14 °F to 122 °F (-10 ℃ to 50 ℃)
Size (H×W×D)  60.2 in x 2.99 in x 1.45 in (153 mm x 76 mm x 37 mm)
Weight  0.61 lb (280 g) include batteries


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