GAOTek Digital Rotary Viscometer

GAOTek Digital Rotary Viscometer Color screen, the operation interface is simple and clear.



GAOTek Digital Rotary Viscometer Color screen, the operation interface is simple and clear. The metal shell has strong anti-interference, which is different from the plastic parts used by peers. PT100 high precision temperature probe. High speed chip processor to process data faster. High strength small shaft is adopted, which is durable. With 232 printing interfaces, it can be directly connected to computer or micro printer to print data. The timing function automatically completes the non-Newtonian fluid and ensures to obtain good consistent data. Real time viscosity, temperature curve, etc. Automatic range display.



  • Digital display for easy viscosity readings
  • Rotational viscometer with precise measurement capabilities
  • Various spindle options for versatile viscosity testing
  • User-friendly interface for intuitive operation
  • Ideal for research, quality control, and industrial applications


Technical Specifications

Range (mpa.s) 50 mPa.s to 10,000,000 mpa.s
Rotation speed (RPM) 0.1 RPM to 200 RPM (step by step, stepless speed change, arbitrary switching)
Rotor 21, 27, 28, 29
measurement error ±1 % (FS) Newtonian fluid
Repeatability ±0.2 % (FS) Newtonian fluid
Temperature control accuracy (℃) 0.1
Sample volume (ML) 10 ml to 20 ml
Power Supply Special power adapter (input 100 V to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz)
Viscosity temperature curve Output viscosity temperature time curve of the whole system
Display function The LCD screen can display viscosity, shear rate, shear stress, rotating speed, temperature, percentile torque Rotor number and
the maximum viscosity value of the selected rotor that can be measured at the current speed, etc.
Temperature control range (℃) Room temperature 572 °F (300 ℃)


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