GAOTek Digital Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Meter Tester




  • Suitable for measuring metal (such as steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, etc.), plastic, ceramic, glass, glass fiber and other any good conductors of ultrasonic thickness 
  • Can be equipped with a variety of different frequency, chip size, double crystal probe use 
  • With LED backlight, convenient to use in dark environment 
  • Battery indicator function, real-time display remaining power 
  • With automatic power saving function dormancy, automatic shutdown 


Technical Specifications

Measuring Range  0.03 in to 11.8 in (0.75 mm to 300 mm) depends on probe   
Sound Velocity Range  0.039 in/μs to 0.394 in/μs (1000 m/s to 9999 m/s)  
Data Memory  5 files x 100 values, 5 value of sound velocity 
PC Software  Yes 
Power  AA battery 2 pcs (working time 250 hours if backlight off) 
Working Temperature  50° F to 512° F (-10° C to 300° C) 
Size  5.90 in x 2.91 in x 1.25in (150 mm x 74 mm x 32 mm)  
Weight  0.52 lb (0.238 g) 


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