GAOTek Distance LiDAR Sensor

This Distance LiDAR Sensor has a current supply of ≤70 mA, a frame rate of 1 Hz to 250 Hz, a peak current of 150 mA and an average power of 350 mW.



Technical Specifications

Voltage – Supply 5 V ±0.1 V
Current – Supply ≤70 mA
Operating range 0.66 ft to 26.24 ft (0.2 m to 8 m)
Accuracy ±2.36 in (6 cm)
Frame rate 1 Hz to 250 Hz (adjustable)
Peak current 150 mA
Average power 350 mW
Communication level LVTTL (3.3 V)
Communication interface UART, IIC
Wavelength 850 nm
SKU FKT 1385


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