GAOTek Ethernet Network Analyzer

GAOTek Ethernet tester provides a complete test for next generation Ethernet solutions.




GAOTek Ethernet tester provides a complete test for next generation Ethernet solutions. There are many different test modules which can help verify their Ethernet performance. But this has two 10 Mb/s or 100 Mb/s or 1000 Mb/s electrical interfaces, two 100 M or 1000 M SFP optical interfaces and two 10 Gbps SFP+. It can generate and analyze the test traffic streams and provide the result. It provides install, and maintenance services and activate new professional service. It can provide a variety of test functions, which can help users to control and know the quality of Ethernet. We believe these will be the comprehensive and simple Ethernet and advanced IP connectivity test suites for the field technicians.


  • Smart and durable, field application-ready
  • 7 in (17.78 cm) HD color touch screen, sun-readable
  • User-friendly user interface
  • PC remote control
  • Test profiles and data management, USB or FTP transfer
  • Comprehensive testing for Ethernet testing
  • Lithium battery up to 4 hrs of continuous testing
  • 10GE SFP+ x2, 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 x2,100/1000BASE-X SFP x2
  • 10 M – 10Gb/s bandwidth, LAN and WAN mode
  • Layer 1/2/3/4 BERT test
  • Multi-stream traffic generation and analysis
  • RFC2544 and Y.1564 test
  • OAM test (optional)
  • VLAN and VLAN Q-in-Q test
  • MPLS test with multiple MPLS tags
  • Service disruption time test
  • CoS and ToS or DSCP priority test
  • Packet capture
  • Intelligent detection and remote control loopback test
  • Statistical analysis report

Technical Specifications

Optical Interface Two GigE Ports, 1000 Base-SX
Wavelength 850 nm, 1310 nm, 1550 nm
Laser, Connector, Transceivers type VCSEL or LC or SFP or FP or DFB
Electrical Interfaces Two Ports: 10 or 100 BaseT Half or Full Duplex and 1000 BaseT Full  Duplex, Choose straight or crossover cables
10 BaseT, 100 BaseT, 1000 BaseT
Connector RJ-45
SFP+ Optical Interface(10G) Two 10GigE Ports
10 G Base-SR/SW, 10 G Base-LR/LW, 10 G Base-ER/EW
Testing Items
Y.1564 Capability to perform the service configuration test and service performance test as per ITU-T Y.1564. Tests can be performed toloopback or dual test set mode for bidirectional results.
RFC2544 Throughput, back-to-back, frame loss and latency measurement as per RFC2544; Frame size: RFC-defined sizes, user-configurable 1to7
BERT Bit Error Test Up to layer 4 supported with or without VLAN Q-in-Q.
Through mode Sectionalize traffic between a service provider’s network and customer premises equipment.
Service Disruption Time (SDT) Disruption time statistics include shortest, longest, last, average, total and pass/fail thresholds.
Multi-stream Generation Capability to transmit and monitor up to 16 streams of Ethernet and IP traffic.
Traffic Generation and Monitoring Capability to generate and monitor Traffic of Ethernet and IP; Traffic shaping can be based on those statistics: throughput, frame loss, packet jitter, frame sorting, latency, frame size, traffic type and traffic monitoring
VLAN Stacking Capability to generate streams with up to two layers of VLAN (including IEEE802.1ad Q-in-Q tagged VLAN) and to filter received traffic by VLAN ID or VLAN priority at any of the stacked VLAN layers.
IPv6 Test Including BERT, RFC2544, Traffic generation and monitoring, Background traffic, Smart Loopback, Ping and trace route
Data storage 8 GB
Interface USB 2.0 port, RJ-45 LAN
Dimension 11.10 in × 7.32 in × 2.9 in (282 mm × 186 mm × 75 mm)
Weight 6.39 lb (2.9 kg)



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