GAOTek Fiber Optic Tester

This Fiber Optic Tester has display of 5.6 in (14.22 cm), 256,000 maximum sampling points, 4 ports, and 0.31 mi to 149.13 mi testing distance.



Technical Specifications

Network None, 4 G, 3 G
Display 5.6 in (14.22 cm) TFT-LCD
Sampling Point Maximum 256,000 points
Color Grey, White
Ports 4
Data Storage 100,000 groups of curves
Connector Type APC UPC
Sampling Resolution Minimum 1.96 in (5 cm)
Testing Distance 0.31 mi to 149.13 mi (500 m to 240 km)
Dimensions 8.46 in x 6.10 in x 2.68 in (215 mm x 155 mm x 68 mm)


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