GAOTek Fiber Optic Video Inspection Probe with Low Weight (Magnifier)

This Fiber Optic Video Inspection Probe with Low Weight (Magnifier) is a high-performance portable video microscope which comes with high magnification power that helps to inspect all kinds of fiber optic errors and terminations.



Key Features

  • Convenient for use with both male and female adapters
  • Magnification: 250× via 3.5” 220,000 pixels TFT LCD
  • Widely used in DWDM, SDH, SONET etc.
  • Available for USB 2.0 interface on PC and data saving

Technical Specifications

Magnification 250 × (3.5” Monitor)
Resolution Ratio 0.5 um
Display Screen 3.5’’ TFT-LCD, 960 x 240 pixels
Video Output NTSC/PAL
Power Supply 3.7 V 4500 mA/5 V 1 A Li Battery
Working Temperature -4 °F ~ 122 °F (-20 °C ~ 50 °C)
Storage Temperature -22 °F ~ 140 °F (-30 °C ~ 60 °C)
Weight 3.30 lbs (1.5 kg)

Additional Information


Tips Type Function Description
25-U-M FC/SC/ST/E2000 patch cord UPC connector
125-U-M LC/MU  patch cord UPC termination
25-A-M FC/SC/ST/E2000  patch cord APC connector
125-A-M LC/MU  patch cord APC termination
25-U-F FC/SC/ST/E2000 UPC bulkhead
LC-U-F LC  UPC bulkhead
SC-A-F SC APC bulkhead
FC-A-F FC APC bulkhead
LC-A-F LC APC bulkhead




Inspection Probe ×1

3.5’’ monitor ×1

25-U-M ×1

125-U-M ×1

25-U-F ×1

LC-U-F ×1

Recharger; Manual

Carrying bag; Li Battery

Optional Accessories 25-A-M; 125-A-M; SC-A-F


AV-USB 2.0 Converter

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