GAOTek Fixed Wing Payload Surveillance Mapping VTOL Drone

This Mapping VTOL Drone has Cruising Speed of 59.05 ft/s to 65.61 ft/s (18 m/s to 20m/s), wingspan of 85.03 in (216 cm) and 47.24 in (120 cm) fuselage.




  • It is quick-assemble; reliable high performance specifically designs for mapping. It has the advantage of being cost-effective and easy-to-use
  • The whole frame is durable and portable, weighing only 1kg
  • The belly is protected by wearproof PVC layer and two wings are covered with a layer of high-strength Aluminium-plastic Film for protection
  • Adopt “4+1” motor design, realizing space-efficient VTOL and fast-speed fixed wing task performing
  • Quick-assemble design


Technical Description

Wingspan 85.03 in (216 cm)
Fuselage: 47.24 in (120 cm)
Frame Weight: 12.20 lb (1 kg)
Basic Empty Weight: 8.37 lb (3.8 kg)
Max. Take-off Weight: 17.66 lb (8 kg)
Suggested Max Payload: 1.76 lb (800 g)
Cruising Speed: 59.05 ft/s to 65.61 ft/s (18 m/s to 20m/s)
Working Voltage: 24 V
Take-off/Landing: VTOL


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