GAOTek FPV Racing RC Drone

This FPV Racing RC Drone has 100 % carbon fibre, 25 mw VTX power, camera properties 600 TVL CMOS and 2 x 450 mAh batteries with 0.10 lb dry weight.

GAOTek- FPV-107


Technical Specifications

Material 100% Carbon Fiber with white printing
Dry Weight 0.10 lb (46 g)
All Up Weight 0.17 lb (79 g) with 2 x 450 mAh 1 S batteries
VTX Power 25 mw
Camera Properties 600 TVL CMOS
Batteries Voltage: 1S 4.35v HV Capacity: 450 mAh Discharge rating: 80C/160


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