GAOTek Full Auto Pet Coagulation Equipment

This Full Auto Pet Coagulation Equipment has a whole blood, Sample type, a sample volume of 180 μL, and a test time less than or equal to 720 sec.



Technical Specification

Test Items PT or INR, APTT, FIB, TT, DD, AT, FDP, ACT, Anti to Xa, ect.
Sample Type Whole blood, plasma
Reagent Type Lyophilized reagent
Sample Volume 180 μL
Test Time ≤ 720 sec (12 min)
Code Identification Automatic identification of QR code for reagent disc
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Size 10.62 in x 7.08 in x 6.10 in (270 mm x 180 mm x 155 mm)
Weight ≤ 6.61 lb , 0.003 ton (3 Kg)


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