GAOTek GE USM GO + Ultrasonic Flaw Detector




GAOTek ultrasonic flaw detector offers you the performance and features of a tabletop ultrasonic detector in a small, ultra to portable handheld instrument weighing less than 2 pounds (907 grams) for maximum portability in the field. Its ergonomic design, useful features and big performance are the result of carefully listening to the experience of the people in the field who, through their everyday practice, know best what it takes to do a good job.



  • A to Scan video recording up to 8 minutes allows live reporting and playback of an entire inspection sequence for review by more qualified personnel (e.g., Level III)
  • Truly ambidextrous instrument with flip function of the display and functionality of the rocker switches.
  • AUTOANG (Auto Angle) feature calculates the refracted angle of an angle beam wedge and utilizes it for Trigonometric flaw location projections.
  • A standard USB connection allows for data to be downloaded from the flaw detector for further analysis or storage.
  • The instrument’s 2 GB memory can be easily exchanged by SD cards up to 16 GB.
  • Reports are produced in jpeg or bmp format so there is no need for special reading software.
  • The back wall Echo Attenuator (BEA) helps to find very small defects, improving detectability.
  • Automatic Gate Threshold for the 2 gates ensuring accurate measurements made under the same conditions.


Technical Specifications

Display  (5 in, 800 x 480 pixels, 4.25 in x 2.56 in (108 mm × 65   mm) (W x H), >200 cd/m2
Size (W x H x D)  6.89 in x 4.37 in x 1.97 in (175 mm x 111 mm x 50 mm)
Weight  1.87 lb (850g) with battery
Protection class IP 67
Operating temperature  32°F to 131°F (0°C – 55 °C)
Battery Li Ion, rechargeable, 6 hours operation time
Power adapter / charger 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Probe connector 2 x Lemo to 00 (T/R)
PC interface Mini USB
Memory card SD to Card 16 GB max
Reporting Test report and A to Scan screen shot on SD to Card, Video recording of A to Scan
Pulsar 120 to 300 V, 30 to 500 ns, flank < 10 ns, Spike, Square wave option
Pulse Repetition Frequency 15 to 2000 Hz
Damping 50 and 1000 Ohm
Receiver 110 dB dynamic, 0.5 to 18.5 MHz analog bandwidth
Filter BB 1 to 5 MHz, 2,25 MHz, 4 MHz, 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 13 MHz, 15 MHz
Gates A and B independent, B triggered by A, C option
Units   mm, inch, µs
Options AWS sizing tool (AWS D1.1),
DAC 16 points according to EN 1712, EN 1713, EN 1714, ASTM E164,
TCG 110 dB dynamic,
DGS sizing tool according to EN 1712, EN 1713, EN 1714, ASTM E164,
Data Logger,
3rd gate C,
Square Wave Pulsar
Compliance EN 55011, EN 61000 to 6 to 2: 2011,
EN 12668, ASTM E 1324, E317, ANSI/NCSL Z 540 to 1 to 1994,
MIL to STD 45662A, MIL to STD 2154


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