GAOTek Handheld Optical Fiber Identifier

This Handheld Optical Fiber Identifier has 100 um to 1000 um coating diameter, 8 mm to 16 mm cutting length, 60 dB return loss and 15 s heating time.




  • 18 seconds fast heating
  • 8 seconds fast splicing
  • 5 in display simultaneously align fibers loss display
  • Automatic heating
  • Disassembly free three in one fiber holder
  • Six motors core alignment


Technical Specifications

Applicable Fiber SM, MM, DS, NZDS, BI
Cladding Diameter 80 um to 150 um
Coating Diameter 100 um to 1000 um
Typical Splice Loss SM is 0.02 dB, MM is  0.01 dB, DS is 0.04 dB, BI is 0.02 dB
Return Loss Better than 60 dB
Cutting Length 0.31 in to 0.63 in (8 mm to 16 mm)
Operating Mode Manual, Automatic
Heating With automatic heating
Typical Welding Time 7 seconds
Heating Time 15 s
Optical Fiber Amplification and Display X, Y single fiber display amplification 300 times, X, Y fiber simultaneous double display amplification 100 times
Welding Result Record 3000 sets of welding records can be stored
Splice Loss Automatic evaluation
Pull Test 1.8 N to 2.2 N
Operation Interface GUI graphical menu interface, easy to operate
Electrode Life more than 5,000 times can be welded, the user can easily replace the electrode
Operating Environment Altitude at 0 miles to 3.10 miles (0 m to 5000 m).Relative humidity at 0 % to 95%

Temperature at -4 °F to 122 °F (-20 °C to +50 °C)

Wind speed at 15 m/s

Volume 5.11 in x 6.06 in x 5.19 in (130 mm × 154 mm × 132 mm)
Weight 4.29 lb (1.95 kg) (including battery)


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