GAOTek High Accuracy Optical Power Meter

This Optical Power Meter is an advanced version of the OPM series. It can be used to identify optical fiber, measure optical attenuation, verify continuity, and evaluate fiber link transmission quality.



The High Accuracy GAOTek Optical Power Meter is a full-featured, palm sized optical power meter designed for use with an optical laser source to perform optical loss measurements on optical fiber cables. The instrument is lightweight and is controlled by a microprocessor. It has the memory capacity to store 1000 items of data and features data transfer via USB connection. The instrument has 6 working wavelengths and a range which extends up to 93.20 mi (150 km). Additionally, there is a auto-off function which simplifies extended operation in the field.


  1. Integrated with high performance optical detector
  2. LCD backlight for easy operation in darker environments
  3. Two powering systems: internal rechargeable batteries or AC adaptor
  4. Wide dynamic range and high power measurement capability
  5. High accuracy and stabilized
  6. Auto-off function: saves the power and low power consumption allows extended operation in the field
  7. Recommended calibration interval

Technical Specifications

Calibrated Wavelength 3.35 x 10-5 in , 5.12 x 10-5 in, 5.16 x 10-5 in,

5.86 x 10-5 in, 6.10 x 10-5 in, 6.40 x 10-5 in (850 nm/1300 nm/1310 nm/1490 nm/1550 nm/1625 nm)

Detector Type InGaAs
Accuracy ±0.2 db ± 1nW
Resolution 0.01 dB
Linearity ±5%
Auto Power-off Yes
Back-light Yes
Reference Value Yes
Connector Interchangeable FC/PC, SC/PC
Measuring Range -70 to +10 dBm @61.02 in (1550 nm)
USB Interface Yes
Data Storage Yes
Wavelength Recognition Yes (≥-40 dBm)
Tone Detection 270, 1 k, 2 kHz (≥-40 dBm)
Operating Temperature 14 °F to 122 °F (-10 °C to 50 ℃)
Storage Temperature -4 °F to 158 °F (-20 °F to 70 ℃)
Power supply 2 pcs*Ni-MH AA (2500 mAh); USB cable
Dimension 6.29 in * 2.99 in * 1.77 in (160 mm * 76 mm * 45 mm)
Net Weight 0.59 lbs (270 g)

Additional Information

LCD Display

Operating Instructions

  1. Turning the instrument on/off.

Press the “ON/OFF” key briefly. The instrument powers on.  Please check the battery capacity if it fails. Press the “ON/OFF” key briefly again. The instrument powers off.

Note: Auto–Off Function

  • The instrument power off automatically if no key presses in 10 minutes.
  • Press the on-off keyfor about 2 seconds to power on the instrument with Auto-Off function deactivated.
  1. Setting the Wavelength

Press the “λ” key repeatedly until the desired wavelength is displayed. You can select from six optional wavelengths: 850 nm, 1300 nm, 1310 nm, 1490 nm, 1550 nm, 1625 nm.

The instrument defaults to the wavelength 1550 nm.

  1. Turning the wavelength recognition function – “TWIN Function”

Long keypress  is to activate the auto-wavelength recognition and the “TWIN” will show on the LCD. Short keypress  is to close the “TWIN”.

  1. Switching the Measurement Mode

There are three measurement units you can choose by pressing the “dBm/dB/mW” key repeatedly, dB, dBm,mW.

  1. Setting Reference Value

Press the “REF” key to display the stored reference value for the current wavelength and a sign of “REF” will be displayed on the screen to indicate that it is a reference value. The displayed value only lasts 1 second.

Press and hold the “REF” key over 2 seconds to store the presently measured value as the new reference value for the current wavelength. During the process the “REF” sign flashes twice on the screen and buzzer sound is heard. Once the new reference level is set, the device switches to the dB measurement mode. The displayed value only lasts 1 second.

Note: 1. Long keypress  for over 2 seconds, the unit will be shifted to “dB” automatically.

2. When the input laser power is modulated laser source, it will affect the setting of REF value. Please guarantee the input laser source is CW laser when setting REF value.

6. Switching backlight of the LCD on and off.

7. Frquency Detecting

If the tested wavelength is carrying a tone of 270Hz, 1kHz, or 2kHz, the respective frequency indicates on the screen.

  1. The Overflow of the measured power value

If the measured power value is too high, the LCD screen will display “HI”.

If the measured power value is too low, the LCD screen will display “LO”.

  1. The storage of the current test value

Press  key over 2s, the SAVE flashes on the screen once with the sounds of the buzzer. It indicates the setting is finished. It will display the stored value and the serial number of the storage. Then, the product will return to the test state automatically.

  1. Check the storage records

Press key, it will display the latest record.

Press key, it will browse the forward records.

Press  key, over 2s, it will browse the forward 20 record.

Press key, it will browse the afterward records.

Press  key, over 2s, it will the afterward 20 record.

Press  key, it will delete current record.

Press  key over 2s, it will delete all record.

Standard Accessories:
FC/PC adapter, SC/PC adapter, 2*AA rechargeable batteries, USB cable,

test report, carrying bag, CD software, user manual

Optional Accessories:
interchangeable ST adapter
male FC to female LC adapter for LC connector