GAOTek High Precision Color Testing Colorimeter



Technical Specifications

Illumination/Light Receiving System d/8 (diffuse illumination, receiving in 8° direction) SCI (including specular reflection) / SCE (excluding specular reflection)
Sensor Silicon photodiode array (40 groups in 2 columns)
Spectroscopic method Planar reflex grating
Integrating sphere size Φ52 mm
Measurement wavelength range 360 nm to 740 nm
Measuring wavelength interval 10 nm
Half-wave width about 10 nm
Reflectance measurement range 0% to 175%; Resolution: 0.01%
Lighting source Pulse xenon lamp × 2, Pulse xenon lamp × 3
Measure time 1.5 s (2 s during fluorescence measurement)
Measurement interval 3 s (4 s during fluorescence measurement)
Measurement/Illumination Aperture MAV: Φ8 mm, Φ11 mmSAV: Φ3 mm, Φ6 mm
Repeatability After white calibration, measure white calibration plate 30 times at 10 s intervals
Spectral reflectance 0.1% of standard deviation (360 nm to 380 nm: within 0.2% of standard deviation)
Chromaticity value within standard deviation ΔE x ab 0.04
Difference between devices Within ΔE x ab 0.2 (SCI/MAV) (at 23 °C, the average value of BCRA Series II 12 color swatches measured by the host)
Language Mode English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian
Standard observer 2° viewing angle, 10° viewing angle
Observe the light source A, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12(2 light sources can be selected for display at the same time)
Display content Spectral data/graph, chromaticity value, color difference value/graph, pass/fail, relative gloss
Color Space / Chroma Metrics 


L x a x b x, L x C x h, CMC (1:1), CMC (2:1), CIE94, Hunter Lab, Yxy, Munsell, XYZ, MI, WI (ASTM E313/CIE), YI (ASTM E313/ASTM D1925), ISO
Brightness (ISO2470), Density status A/T, CIE00, WI/Tint
RAM 1,700 sets (SCI/SCE is a set of data)
Power Supply AA battery (×4), dedicated AC adapter
Operating temperature and humidity range 41 ℉ to 104 ℉ (5 °C to 40 °C)Relative humidity below 80% 95 ℉ (35 °C), no condensation
Storage temperature and humidity range 32 ℉ to 113 ℉ (0 °C to 45 °C), relative humidity below 80% (35 °C), no condensation
Dimensions 7.6 in x 2.7 in x 3.7 in (193 mm x 69 mm x 96 mm)
Weight 1.4 lb. (670 g) (with calibration plate, without battery)
Standard accessories remove models White Calibration PlateØ8 mm target mask

USB-serial adapter cable

Power Adapter

Ø3 mm target mask

Optional accessories Zero calibration box, outer box, dustproof kit, dust coverColor management software, printer cable, RS-232C cable


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