GAOTek Infrared Lidar Sensor

GAOTek infrared lidar sensor has light source, which is infrared, the laser safety level is Class 1 safety, also the scanning angle range is 270 degrees, the sensing range is in between (0.1 m to 5 m), the operating voltage of this product is 9 V to 28 V, also the response time of this product is 50 ms



Technical Specification

Light source Infrared(905nm)
Laser safety level Class I
Scanning angle range 270°
Sampling frequency 15 Hz to 25 Hz
Scanning angle resolution 0.5°
Sensing range with 70% reflection) 3.93 in to 196.85 in (0.1 m to 5 m)
Sensing range with 10% reflection) 3.93 in to 78.74 in (0.1 m to 2 m)
Function Obstacle avoidance
Working environment Indoor
Response time 50 Ms
Operating Voltage DC (9 V to 28 V)
Power consumption 5W
Enclosure rating IP67
Working temperature  32 °F to 122 °F (0 ℃ to 50 ℃)
Weight 0.55 lb (250 g)
Dimension 2.36 in x 2.36 in x 2.83 in (60 mm × 60 mm × 72 mm)


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