GAOTek LiDAR Optical Sensor

This LiDAR Optical Sensor has a reference distance of 10 mm, static noise of 12 nm, spot diameter of 7 μ m and lateral resolution of 3.5 μ m.




  • Ultra-fast sampling speed of 10 kHz
  • High repeatability of 0.02 μm
  • High linear accuracy of ±0.02% of F.S
  • Large measuring Angle of ±65°


Technical Specifications

Reference distance 0.39 in 10 mm)
Measuring range ±0.0079 in (±0.2 mm)
Spot diameter 7 μm
Measuring Angle ±43°
Static noise 12 nm
Linear error <±0.12 μm
Lateral resolution 3.5 μm
Minimum measurable thickness 5% of Full Scale
Temperature characteristic <0.03% of Full Scale per degree Celsius
Diameter 1.57 x 3.91 in (40 mm x 99.4 mm)


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