GAOTek Mini Centrifuge Machine

This mini centrifuge machine has a speed range of 300 RPM to 4500 RPM, centrifugal force of 2490 x g, and rotor type of A12 to 10 P.




  • Easy programming to achieve high accuracy of speed control
  • Easy operation with intuitive menu and easy to read display
  • Rotor speed can be set and displayed by RPM or G force
  • Maintenance-free brushless DC motor
  • Quick spin function with press and hold pulse key
  • Lid with electric lock and automatic release function saves processing time
  • Automatic self-diagnosis on startup showing accumulative running time and last running parameters
  • Braking time 2 steps adjustable (for A6 to 50 P rotor)


Technical Specifications

 Speed Range 300 RPM to 4500 RPM, increment: 100 RPM
Max rcf 2490 x g
Speed Accuracy ± 20 RPM to 100 RPM
Rotor Type A12 to 10 P, A6 to 50 P
Run Time 30 sec to 99 min HOLD (Continuous operation)
Motor Brushless DC motor
Display LCD
Safety Devices Door interlock, overspeed detector; Automatic internal diagnosis
Weight 13.23 lb (6 kg)


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