GAOTek Multi Channel Temperature Data Logger

THIS Multi Channel Temperature Data Logger has Protection OF Max 800 V Ac under electricity, comparator OF High Low beep, Correction for each channel.

GAOTek -TTDL-128



  • 5 in, TFT-LCD Display
  • Comparator Sorting Function
  • Keypad Lock Function
  • Automatically Screen Turn Off Setting
  • Build-in RS232 To USB Communication Interface
  • Compatible SCPI Instruction Set


Technical Specification

Accuracy 0.2 % 33.8 °F (+1°C)
Measurement range -328 °F to 2372 °F (-200°C to 1300°C) Varying depend on graduation
Resolution 32.18 °F (0.1°C)
Channels 24 channelsCan be expended to 128 channels
Speed Fast 100ms Channel, Medium 500ms Channel, low 1s Channel
Correction Error corrects for each channel
Comparator High and Low beepIndividual setting high and Low value for each channel
Interface Rs 232 c interfaceU-disc interface

Usb communication interface

Optional interface Mini printer interface
Software Ats 45 data acquisition function
Protection Max 800 V Ac under electricity
Cold junction compensation Accuracy 33 °F (0.5°C)
Dimension 8.50 in width × 3.46 in height ×11.8 in depth(216 mm width × 88 mm height x 300 mm depth)
Weight 6.61 Ib (3 kg)


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