GAOTek Multi Gas Detector

This Multi Gas Detector has temperature range of -4°F to 122°F, measuring range of 0 ppm to 1000 ppm and 10 s recovery time .




GAOTek Multi Gas Detector is a high-performance portable gas detector that can detect multiple gases.The device has humanized operation functions such as one-key security detection, one-key storage, automatic image flipping, as well as the man down alarm function; With optional Bluetooth transmission function, allowing safety personnel to obtain real-time data and the alarm status. It has obtained international IECEX, ATEX explosion-proof certification.The instrument is mainly working in suction mode. When the air pump fails or in special emergency situations, it can automatically switch to the diffusion sampling method, thereby improving the protection to a new Level. 



  • Can detect 1 to 5 gases at the same time 
  • IECEX ATEX explosion-proof certification 
  • IP68 protection level 
  • Bluetooth transmission 
  • three-meter drop resistance 



Gas detected  Hydrogen/ H2 
Detection principle sampling method  Electrochemical / Catalytic combustion 
Sampling method  Internal pumping 
Measure range  0 ppm to 1000 ppm, 0% LEL to 100% LEL 
Precision  ≤±2% F.S except for special gases 
Resolution  1 ppm, 1% LEL 
Response Time  <10 s  Recovery Time  <10 s 
Repeatability  s+1%  Linearity error  <+1% 
Zero shift  <+1% (F.S/year)  Display  monochrome graphics (160 x96), screen can be automatically flipped 
Operating language  Chinese/English or customized  Gas unit  % VOL, PPM, mg/m3 
Temperature  -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)  Humidity  0% RH to 90% RH 
Explosion-Proof  IECEx Ex ia IIC T4 Ga ATEX: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga  Degree of protection  IP 67 
Alarm mode  Sound, light, vibration  Environmental pressure  12.48 PSI to 15.37 PSI (86 kPa to 106 kPa) 
Precision  ≤±2% F.S except for special gases     
Dimensions  6.18 in × 3.32 in× 2.34 in (157 mm x 84.5 mm x 59.5 mm)  Weight  0.58 lbs (365 g) 




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