GAOTek Optical Cable Identifier

This Optical Cable Identifier is designed for fast identification of cables, which is buried underground and comes with a maximum test range of 37.3 miles



GAOTek Optical Cable Identifier is designed for fast identification of cables, which may be located underground. In addition, it is equipped with a durable Lithium battery which allows continuous operation for 20 hours. This identifier is used in applications such as telecom maintenance, integrated wiring systems, and other network construction and maintenance works. During the installation, constructors usually need to accurately find the targeted or wanted cable from multi cables. Using this, the contractors just need to slightly click the cables in the wells or wire pole. When constructors click the targeted or wanted cable, the clear “click” voice can be heard from this, which is put in the central office and then finally identifies the cable.

Key Features

  • Maximum test range of 37.3 mi (60 km)
  • Lithium battery which could supply power for up to 20 hours
  • Multiple modes to analyze the fiber optic cable
  • VFL function
  • Multi level adjustable sensitivity to adapt to a variety of detection range

Technical Specifications

Test Distance 31.1 mi (50 km)
Output Power >-3 dBm
Fiber Type SM
Connector SC/APC (or FC/APC)
Signal Output Format Waveform on LCD, Bar Displaying and earphone output
Power Supply DC 12 V 2 A
Battery Rechargeable Battery
Dimension 3.94 in x 7.87 in x 1.18 in (100*200*30 mm)
Weight 1.90 lb (860 g)
Operating Temperature 32 oF to 113 oF (0 oC to 45 oC)
Storage Temperature -4 oF to 140 oF (-20 oC to 60 oC)


  • Telecom Maintenance
  • Integrated Wiring System
  • Other Network Construction and Maintenance, Scientific Research, Laboratory, Teaching Instrument equipped with etc.

Packing list

1 Optical Identifier 1 Set
1 DC Power Adapter 1  PC
l Earphone 1  PC
l User Manual 1  PC
l Carrying Bag 1  PC
l Quality Certification 1  PC