GAOTek Optical Multiplexer

This Optical Multiplexer has a network of 4 G, display of 5.6 in TFT LCD, sampling point of maximum 256,000 points, and testing distance of 500 m.



Technical Specifications

Network None, 4G, 3G
Display 5.6 in (14.2 cm) TFT LCD (touch screen)
Sampling Point Maximum 256,000 points
Color Grey White
Ports 4
Data Storage 100,000 groups of curves
Connector Type APC UPC
Sampling Resolution Minimum 1.96 in (5 cm)
Testing Distance 0.31 mi to 149.1 mi (500 m to 240 km)
Dimensions 8.46 in x 6.10 in x 2.67 in (215 mm x 155 mm x 68 mm)


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