GAOTek Panorama Camera

This Panorama Camera has 5 MP image sensor, 4992 x 928 at 30 fps resolution, up to 8k Hz frequency, and 140 °(D), 140 °(H), 103 °(V) lens view.




  • Adaptive ROI
  • Face Tracking
  • Voice Tracking
  • Automotive Vision
  • Safety
  • Connectivity System Integration


Technical Specifications

Image Sensor 5 Megapixels
Lens F. No 2.5
Lens Field of View 140° (D), 140° (H), 103° (V)
Resolution 4992 x 928 at 30 fps
Microphone Array 4 Digital Microphones
Far-Field Voice Capture
Acoustic Echo Cancellation
Response Frequency:200 Hz to 8k Hz
Speaker Full-Range Speaker
Physical Interfaces DC In
Software Post-process Resolution: 30 fps
Lens Field of View:Horizontal:360°, Vertical:60°
Modes: Compose, Focus, Grid, Body Fit, Speaker, Top-Down
Advantages Beamforming


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