GAOTek Paperless Temperature Data Logger

This Paperless Temperature Data Logger has power supply of 100 VAC to 240 VAC, 5 inch color LCD TFT display, and 400 VAC photo electrical isolation.




  • Universal Input, Isolated Version, Input type
  • Each channel can be programmable and setting flexibly as required
  • Photoelectrical Isolation among channels up to 400 VAC
  • With strong anti-interference ability
  • For temperature, pressure, humidity, flow, level, PH, conductivity
  • For vibration, weight, displaces, speed, frequency etc.
  • Various process parameters data acquisition and recording
  • USB Data Transferring, Plug and Play
  • Powerful PC Software
  • RS 485, Ethernet for Real Time Reading


Technical Specifications

Accuracy ±(0.2% FS +1) digital
Power supply 100 VAC to 240 VAC
Display 5 in (12.7 cm), Color LCD TFT
Universal Input, programmable Thermocouple, RTD, Analog, mV, frequency input
Input Channels No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12
Channels Isolation 400 VAC photo electrical isolation
Sample Rate 1 seconds per 8 channels
Relay output 3 A, NO, max 8 relay output, configurable for channels
Ethernet Communication standard Ethernet MODBUS-TCP, IP protocol
Feed output auxiliary 24 VDC output for transmitter
Print printing output for data in digital and curve
Flow totalizer with temperature, pressure compensation for channels
Math +, -, x, /, , max, min, average linear math
Screen Display Powerful Various screen display curve, barograph, digit for different type display, also support the history data checking in recorder itself
PC software Powerful software function to display memorized data in digital curve, Print Data and export the data to excel for further analysis.
Size, Installation Size 5.67 in × 5.67 in × 2.87 in (144 mm × 144 mm × 73 mm),5.43 in × 5.43 in (138 mm × 138 mm)


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