GAOTek Portable Battery Conductance Tester

This portable battery conductance tester is a multi-functional data storage measurement instrument for testing a battery’s operating condition and parameters quickly and precisely.





GAOTek Portable Battery Conductance Tester is a multi-function and portable digital data storage measurement instrument. It can display and record many key parameters for multi-groups like battery string and each battery cell’s  Voltage, conductance, connecting strip resistance, battery’s internal resistance and so on; offer the ability to distinguish the battery’s condition effecti Vely and accurately; compose with intelligent PC measurement analyzing software, user can track the battery’s decay trend, and alarm beforehand to help technician and administrators process according to status.


  • High precision online testing, automatically switches the testing range
  • Transmits the test data to a PC Via Micro SD card
  • Powerful data management
  • Over current and Voltage protection
  • Uses a SOC chip to impro Ve the tester stability
  • Contrasting analysis for each battery cell within the same battery
  • Large data storage capacity: at least 99,999 groups of test result
  • 4 inches, 320 × 240 large LCD display
  • Powered with a high capacity Lithium cell or through an adapter
  • Low battery Voltage warning
  • Save manpower: automatically test and store results in 3~5 seconds


  • Test the battery Voltage and conductance online
  • Battery conductance and Voltage out of range alarm
  • All the battery parameters are marked by the group No to make the user manage the data expediently
  • PC software analyzes the battery to carry out tracking ‘ historical analysis’ of the battery system.

Technical Specifications

Model A0110009A A0110009B
Conductance Test Range 100 S-19990 S 100 S-19990 S
 Voltage Test Range 0.000  V to 20.000  V conductance&  Voltage
20.000  V to 25.000  V  Voltage only
0.000  V to 16.000  V conductance&  Voltage
Measurement Precision Conductance:
Voltage: ±0.2%rdg± 6dgt
Voltage: ±0.2%rdg± 6dgt
Power Supply 10.8  V, 2000 mAh, Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Power Consumption Work for 8 hours continuously
Storage Capacity 2G SD
Display 4 in, 320 × 240 matrix dot LCD
Size 8.26 in x 5.5 in x 2.36 in (210 mm × 140 mm × 60 mm)
Weight 2.64  lbs (1.2 kg)
Working Temperature 23 °F to 140 °F (-5 °C to 60 °C)
Humidity 90% RH

Additional Information

Operating Instructions

  • Boot-start

Press the Power switch for a little long time, it will display as follows:

Main menu

To operate follow the  below instructions:

  • Parameters setup – It can set the parameter for battery pack and start to test.
  • Test batteries- Instrument will finish the last half-finished testing.
  • Data management – It can View, search and delete the results.
  • Config setup – It includes “Mode, Date & Time, Alarm, Backlight time, Format Memory, Query”.

Testing Operation

  • Parameter setup

Choose the setup parameter in the main menu,

Press OK to enter the setup parameter face.

Parameter Setup

  1. Setup parameter in new battery bank menu. Choose New, and press OK enter the parameter setup face

Setup parameter interface

If you are doing a first time, to test the battery pack, please set the  Value in RoomNo, StrNo, you can query the test result according to the RoomNo and StrNo, and then set the other data, if you don’t set the data, the tester will use the default parameter when it is testing.

  • Set the CellNum(the cell numbers in the battery bank) – The default of cell numbers is 24 in the battery pack, you can set cell numbers in MAX.500.
  • Set the UCellLow (Voltage low limited) range:
2  V:1.000~2.750  V         default   2.1  V 10  V:5.000~13.800  V      default    10.5  V
4  V:2.000~5.500  V         default   4.2  V 12  V:6.000~16.500  V       default   12.6  V
6   V:3.000~8.250   V         default   6.3   V 14  V:7.000~19.250  V       default   14.7  V
8  V:4.000~11.00  V         default  8.4  V 16  V:8.000~22.000  V       default   16.8  V
  • Test Plan – Press “” and choose “ Voltage only”, “ Volts then conductance”, “ Volt & conductance”.

Note: if you don’t want to affect the  Voltage testing when you test the conductance  Value, please choose “ Volts then conductance”. When all  Voltage testing are finished, please connect the tester and the first cell of battery pack to finish conductance testing.

  1. Set Parameters in menu of primary battery pack

History test results are stored in the SD card (latest 200 results). If you want to modify the parameters, choose Open and press OK, then choose battery numbers and press OK, then modify parameters and press OK to enter testing.

Set the primary battery pack data

  • Connection Instruction
    • Confirm the Test Mode – Before connecting battery and batteries, please confirm the Test Mode, in order to ensure test going well. Press “” and choose “test on the poles” or “add connectors testing”.

Before it is goes to testing a battery bank, it has to finish all testing of poles and connectors of one battery, then start to testing next battery. It can test different poles of a battery in any direction, but please ensure directions of e Very battery are same. When you have finished pole testing of a battery, choose “add connectors, testing”, and then start to test pole of next battery.

  1. Test on the poles

Cable to cell battery poles

  1. Add Connectors Testing (testing on the poles, and then test the connectors.)

Before you choose “add connectors testing”,  please add a line. When you have finished pole testing of one battery, please connect as below picture.

Cable to cell battery connector

Below picture shows the connecting order of poles and connectors testing:

Battery bank testing steps:

First, test the poles, and then test the connectors. When finished testing of all poles and connectors of one battery, test the next cell battery poles and connectors as the same direction.

  • Test battery

Choose Test in main menu, the instrument will continue to finish the testing, which it didn’t finish last time. If the tester is never set, the tester will be alarmed. If you want to set and test the stored cell battery, please choose parameter test in main menu, and press OK,  enter primary battery pack  and press OK to set parameters.

If you want to retest the cell battery in the testing process, press key number“2” (retest), tester will test the battery data and replace the last test result.

Data management

  • Query results

Choose Data management in main menu, and press OK to enter results query interface.

Choose the data you want to query, and press OK to read.

Result query interface

  • Test Mode: Poles only

Battery Information Interface 1

Press OK to  View cell battery details, if you want to reset contain cell battery, press number key “2”to start retesting.

Battery Information Interface 2

Press ““▲▼” to  View every cell battery details.

  • Test Mode: Pole & Connector

Battery Information Interface 3

  • Data Delete

Choose the test result you want to delete, press “3” to delete.

Confirms to delete the test result

Press OK to confirm deletes the data.

Note: Please confirm that the testing record is exported and saved before you delete the data.

  • Test Result Export

All data stored in the SD card, Users need to insert MicroSD memory card into the card reader, and upload data to the computers through the USB port.

System management

  • Mode

Choose Utilities Setup in main menu, press OK enter the interface.

Choose Mode, press OK to confirm, press C to cancel (back).

Selects the testing mode

Manual: This mode is default. In this mode, the user must press OK to start to test e Very  time.

Auto: The tester will test the battery automatically according to the setting data when  the testing cable connects to the battery.

  • Date&Time

Choose Utilities Setup in main menu, press OK enter the interface.

Choose Date&Time and press OK.

Date&Time setting interface

Press numerical key to input the YY-MM-DD, press “tu” to move the cursor, press OK to confirm, press C to back.

  • Alarm

Choose Utilities Setup in main menu, press OK enter the interface.

Choose Alarm and press OK to enter the setting interface, you can turn on/off the alarm.

Alarm setting

Press  tu  to move the cursor, press OK to confirm, press C to back

  • Backlight time

Choose Utilities Setup in main menu, press OK enter the interface, choose Backlight time and press OK to enter the setting interface.


Backlight Time Setting.

Press  tu  to adjust lighting time from 0 second to 30 seconds, press OK to confirm, press C to back.

  • Query

Choose Utilities Setup in main menu, press OK enter the interface, choose Query and press OK to enter the query interface.



Standard Accessories


It is only for reference. The actual accessories and quantity are according to demand.

No. Items Qty
1 Battery Conductance Tester 1 unit
2 Operation Manual 1 unit
3 Product Certification 1 unit
4 Packing list 1 unit
5 Rechargeable battery 1 unit
6 Power supply adapter 1 unit
7 Measuring line 1 unit
8 CD 1 unit
9 SD Card 1 unit
10 SD Card Reader 1 unit
11 Carry bag 1 unit


  • Telecommunication central office, data processing center and remote site
  • Power Station, Power Plant, Switchgear, UPS
  • Hospitals, utilities, mining, transportation, industrial manufacturing
  • Battery Manufacturers and Ser Vers



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