GAOTek Portable Multi-Channel Temperature Data Logger

This portable multi-channel temperature Data Logger has RS232 Communication Mode, 15 Hours Battery Duration and 5 Number of Humidity Channels.




  • 1 Second/Channel Inspection Speed
  • Sensor Correction Function
  • Professional Thermocouple Reference Terminal Processing
  • Channel Detection Function
  • Optional Dry and Wet Bulb Method to Measure Humidity
  • Channel Expansion Function
  • Built-in Storage Function
  • Removable Large Capacity Lithium Battery
  • Wireless Communication Function
  • Rich Human-Computer Interaction Functions
  • Support Panran Smart Metering


Technical specifications

Customized support OEM
Number of Thermocouple Channels 32
Number of Thermal Resistance Channels 16
Number of Humidity Channels 5
Communication Mode RS 232
Battery Duration 15 Hrs
Additional number of channels to expand 40 pcs thermocouple channels/8 pcs RTD channels/3 humidity channels
Screen Size Industrial Grade 5.0 in TFT Color Screen
Temperature Sensor Calibration S, R, B, K, N, J, E, T, PT 100 humidity
Electrical technology index 70mV, 400Ω


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