GAOTek Portable PH/Ion Tester

This portable pH/Ion tester has a lithium battery, an AC adapter, a 100-240V AC input, a DC 5V output, and a temperature range of 14–275°F.





  • The device features a 4.3-inch high-contrast LCD touchscreen with vibrant colors
  • An intelligent operating system offers various functions like user, calibration, electrode, and method management, as well as data and log management
  • The multi-reading capability includes auto-read, timed-read, and continuous-read options
  • Automatic or manual temperature compensation ensures accurate test results
  • The auto-hold feature locks measurement endpoints for precision
  • It can store up to 1000 sets of data for each parameter, following GLP guidelines
  • Data analysis tools allow users to review, compare, and recalculate results
  • The device supports USB communication for data transfer
  • Auto-power off helps extend battery life
  • A reset feature restores factory default settings
  • With an IP65 waterproof rating, the portable meter is suitable for outdoor and field measurements


Technical Specifications

Parameters pH / ISE / Temp. (mV / ORP / Px)
Range -2.000 pH to 20.000 pH
Resolution 0.1 pH, 0.01 pH, 0.001 pH
Accuracy ±0.002 pH
Calibration Points Up to 8
Standard Customization Yes
Calibration Reminder Yes
Standard Recognition USA, NIST, MERK, JIS, GB and DIN buffers
Slope Limit Yes
Range -2000.00 mV to 2000.00 mV
Resolution 0.1, 0.01 mV
Accuracy ±0.1 mV or ±0.03% of
reading whichever is greater
EH ORP Mode Yes
ORP Calibration Points 1 custom point (relative mV)
Range -2.000 Px to 20.000 Px
Resolution 0.1 Px, 0.01 Px, 0.001 Px
Accuracy ±0.002 Px
Calibration Points Up to 6
Range 1.000 e-9 to 9.999 e+9
Units Mol/L, mmol/L, g/L, mg/L, mg/L, ppm, ppb
Resolution Up to 4 significant digits
Accuracy ±0.3%
Calibration Points Up to 8
Resolution 0.1
pH Electrode BNC (Q9)
Temp. Probe 4-pin aviation connector
USB Outputs USB 2.0 flash memory device, PC, scanner
IP Rating IP 65
Date and Time Yes
Power Rechargeable Lithium battery, AC Adapter, 100 V to 240 V AC input, DC 5 V output
 Temperature 14 °F to 275 °F (-10 °C to 135 °C)
Dimensions 3.54 in x 10.04 in x 1.57 in (90 mm x 255 mm x 40 mm)
Weight 1.1 lb (500 g)



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