GAOTek Portable Survey Radiation

GAOTek Portable Survey Radiation is for measuring x-ray and gamma rays.




GAOTek Portable Survey Radiation is for measuring x-ray and gamma rays. It uses a GM counter tube as a detector, which is fast and has a wider range of similar instruments. The instrument is in addition to measuring high energy, low energy gamma rays, but also on the low-energy X-ray measurement, with good energy response characteristics. R-EGD portable radiation detector can be widely used in environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, import and export commodity inspection, radiation medical, building materials, petrochemical, geological survey, scrap steel, nuclear laboratories and other areas of radiation protection monitoring.


Technical Specifications

Measuring range dose rate  0.01 μSv / h to 15 mSv / h; cumulative dose  0.00 μSv  to 9.99 Sv
Measurement accuracy 0.01 μSv to 1000 μSv / h ≤ ± 5%
Energy response ≤ ± 30% (48 Kev to 3.0 Mev, 137 Cs)
Sensitivity 35 CPS / mR / h (relative to 60CO)
Energy range 35 KeV to 3.0 MeV
Relative deviation ≤ ± 5% (137 Cs)
Alarm threshold 2.5mSv / h, 25mSv / h, 200mSv / h or setting
Alarm sound intensity > 80 dB
Display unit dose rate  μSv / h, cumulative dose  μSv
Power 3.7 V lithium battery
Power consumption machine power consumption ≤ 120 mW (excluding display backlight)
Weight 1. 54 lb (700 g with battery)


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