GAOTek Portable Vibration Meter

GAOTek portable vibration meter is used to convert vibration signal into electric signal




GAOTek portable vibration meter is used to convert vibration signal into electric signal. Through the processing and analysis of the input signal, the peak acceleration, RMS value of velocity (root mean square value), displacement peak – peak or real-time spectrum of vibration measurement are obtained. This product is suitable for conventional vibration measurement, especially vibration measurement in reciprocating machines. It can not only measure the acceleration, speed, or displacement of vibration, but also make simple fault diagnosis and print output. It is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electric power, metallurgy, vehicles and other fields.



  • Simple and convenient
  • 320 pixels x 240 pixels true colour ultra-clear TFT LCD display
  • One screen display rich content and easy to read value
  • Vibration measurement can measure the Peak value of acceleration
  • The effective value of velocity (RMS) and the Peak value of displacement (peak-peak)
  • The dynamic measurement bar chart is displayed in real time
  • Speed measurement can be equipped with photoelectric sensor to directly measure rotor speed
  • It can store a total of 8,000 sets of measurement data
  • 100 sets of spectrum graphs at 100 measurement points
  • The alarm output can set the upper limit warning value


Technical Specifications

Vibration Measurement Range Acceleration: 3.94 in/s2 to 15433.1 in/s2 (0.1 m/s2 to 392.0 m/s2) (Peak) (Standard configuration: 0.004 in/s2 to 8.1 in/s2 (0.1 mm/s2 to 205.6 mm/s2)Rate: 0.004 in/s to 31.5 in/s (0.1 mm/s to 800.0 mm/s) (Valid values) (Standard configuration: 0.004 in/s to 15.8 in/s (0.1mm/s to 400.0 mm/s)A move: 3.94 in to 0.71 in (0.001 mm to 18.1 mm) (Peak) (Standard configuration: 3.94 in/s to 0.35 in/s (0.001 mm/s to 9.0 mm/s)Equipped with full sensitivity probe: wide measuring range, high sensitivity probe and low sensitivity probe function
Frequency Range 10 Hz to 200 Hz10 Hz to 500 Hz10 Hz to 1 kHz10 Hz to 10 kHz
Allowable Vibration Measurement Error ±5%
Analysis frequency Interval 0.25 Hz
Speed Measurement Range 30 rpm to 300,000 rpm (5 kHz to 5 kHz)
Permissible Error in Speed Measurement ± (0.05% + 1)
Speed Measurement Distance 5.9 in to 39.4 in (0.15 m to 1 m)
Display TFT Colour LCD screen, 320 pixels × 240 pixels
Storage Capacity 8,000 data sets and 100 spectral images (100 measurement points)
Upper Computer Software Optional
Communication Mini USB
External Dimension 8.4 in x 3.2 in x 1.4 in (212 mm × 80 mm × 35 mm)
print function Embedded thermal printer, on – call
Battery Life The 1,500 mAh high performance lithium-ion rechargeable battery lasts 50 hrs
Temperature Range 32 °F to 104 °F (0 ℃ to 40 ℃)
Humidity Range ≤80% RH
Machine Weight 0.71 lb (320 g)


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