GAOTek Portable Water Vibration Meter

This Portable Water Vibration Meter has measuring range of up to 200 mole/L, temperature range of 32 °F to 122 °F and 3 V × 1.5 V in AA batteries.




  • Equipped with a backlit LCD display, the high-performance portable water hardness meter ensures visibility in various lighting conditions
  • Calibration can be performed with 2 to 5 points using push-button controls, ranging from low to high concentrations
  • Users can choose from multiple measurement units, including mole/L, mg/L
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation ensures accurate readings across the entire measurement range
  • A Calibration Due Reminder prompts users to calibrate the meter regularly for accuracy
  • The Stability indicator visually confirms when a measurement is stable
  • The Auto Hold feature detects and locks the measurement endpoint
  • A Battery indicator displays the remaining battery capacity
  • Auto to Power Off functionality helps conserve battery life effectively
  • A setup menu allows users to configure 7 parameters, including the number of calibration points and stability criteria
  • The Reset feature automatically restores all settings to factory default options
  • An expanded memory can store and recall up to 500 data sets
  • Stored data can be easily transferred to a computer via the USB communication interface


Technical Specifications

Measuring Range 0.05 mole/L to 200 mole/L
Range (CaCO3) 0 mg/L to19999 mg/L
Range (CaO) 0 mg/L to 11220 mg/L
Range (Boiler) 0 mole/L to 400 mole/L
Range (Ca) 0 mg/L to 8020 mg/L
Accuracy ± 1 % F.S
Calibration Points 2 points to 5 points
Calibration Solutions 0.001 mole/L, 0.01 mole/L, 0.1 mole/L
Temperature 32 °F to 221 °F (0 °C to 105 °C)
Accuracy ± 33.8 °F (0.5 °C)
Resolution 32.18 °F (0.1 °C)
Calibration Points 1 point
Calibration Range Measured value ± 50 °F (10 °C)
Temperature Compensation 32 °F to 122 °F (0 °C to 50 °C)
Compensation Mode Manual or Automatic
Hold Function Manual or Automatic endpoint detection
Stability Criteria Low or High
Calibration Due 1 days to 31 days
Power Off Manual or Automatic (10, 20, 30 minutes)
Reset Function Yes
Memory Stores up to 500 data sets


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