GAOTek Precision ColorimeterGAOTek Precision Colorimeter




  • Precision colorimeter: CIE, SCM certified
  • New key components, accurate, stable, easy operation, affordable
  • Applications in plastics, surface treatment, painting, printing, toys, clothing
  • Color quality control, analysis, sample testing, production line testing
  • Suitable for injection molding, ink, paint, spray, and more
  • First optical 16mm caliber precision colorimeter in the country
  • 16mm diameter for textured, pitted, large-sized, soft objects
  • Wet surfaces: 16mm caliber colorimeter with glass plate
  • WF series advantages: stable, fast (0.5s), automatic correction, visual positioning


Technical Specifications

Repeat Accuracy ΔE<0.05
Sensor Photodiode array
Color Difference Formula DEL x a x b
Caliber 0.63 in (16 mm)
Lighting the way 8/d
Measurement conditions 10 Observer
Light source D65


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