GAOTek Professional Factory Agricultural Delivery Drones

This Delivery Drones features 6.61 lb to 11.02 lb (3 kg to 5 kg) payload has control distance of 9.32 mi (15 km) and 16000 mAh 6 S 22.2 V battery.



Technical Description

Material: Plastic, Rubber
Power: 5010
Function: With Camera, With LED lights, APP Control, With Remote Control, Foldable
Operator Skill Level: Beginner
Control Type: Remote Control
image transmission distance: other
drone frame: 8.81 lb to 11.02 lb (4 kg to 5 kg) drone frame
Flight control: 6 C flight control
Battery Parameter: 16000 mAh 6 S 22.2 V battery
charger: PC 1080 charger
Control distance: 9.32 mi (15 km)
payload: 6.61 lb to 11.02 lb (3 kg to 5 kg)



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