GAOTek Soft Starter

This Soft Starter has an Output Frequency of 50 Hz to 60 Hz, output of triple, on-state Voltage drop of ≤1.5V and insulation resistance of >100 M Ω.  



Technical Specification

Output Frequency 50 Hz/60Hz
Feature Industrial Equipment
Output Triple
Insulation Resistance 100 M Ω
control mode Switch or no switch
switch dry contact
Working Indication LED
input voltage Three-phase 380V
output voltage Ac 380V
rated power 1KW,2KW, 3KW,4KW,6KW,8KW,10KW,12KW,15KW,20KW,22KW
on-state Voltage drop ≤1.5V
Minimum conduction current /
Off-state leakage current Less than 10mA
Dielectrics withstand voltage 2500VAC, 1 minute
isolation voltage ≥2500V
insulation resistance ≥100 MΩ
supply frequency 50/60HZ
heat emission condition It can be air-cooled with S110, S150, U120 + fan
Safety factor of load current Selected according to the power
Size 8.66 in X 6.29 in X 180 in (220 mm X 160 mm X 180 mm)
Weight 4 lb (2 kg)


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